Celebrate World Vegan Day With This Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread

Remember the first lockdown? When the whole world was homebound because of novel Coronavirus, we found plenty of ways to keep us entertained and a lot of us found a penchant for baking. Baking trends were all over the internet, and one of the delish treats that became a global sensation was banana bread. Not only is it yummy, but incredibly easy to make, and thus the hype was worth it we believe.  

Now when it comes to baking, it is quite a challenge to give it a vegan spin. You cannot use eggs for sure, but even dairy products like milk and yogurt and honey are off bounds. But is it impossible to make vegan baked goods? Not at all.  

November 1 is celebrated as World Vegan Day, as more and more people quit meat, the day serves as a reminder of a cruelty-free life, and a world where animals and humans can coexist. Veganism is different from vegetarianism, as Veganism is more of a principle than a diet. If you are a vegan, you not only give up meat, but everything that is sourced from animals, like dairy, eggs, honey. Vegans also refrain from leather and cosmetics that use animal fat. Therefore, food options are limited, but certainly, there’s much to play around with.  

Take this vegan chocolate banana cake, this fun recipe combines goodness of gluten-free flour, baking soda, cacao powder, maple syrup, flax eggs, ripe bananas mashed, dark chocolate and more to make this soft, moist and fluffy banana bread that is soon to become your breakfast favourite. Flax eggs, provide just the right amount of protein to bind the bread together and give it structure. This banana bread is also gluten-free making it healthier too. If you are a fan of all-purpose flour, you can use the same too to make this more decadent. To finish it up, you can drizzle it with chocolate sauce or more maple syrup. Try this yummy recipe soon and let us know how you like it.