Celebrate World Cocktail Day  By Raising A Toast With Some Garibaldi, French 75 Or Aperitivo Espresso
Image Credit: MARTINI FIERO Sour serve/Pic- Bacardi

Bartenders today across the globe take a lot of pride in curating a fancy drink for the table. It’s no more simple straight drink that one wants to pour.  In world full of Instagram photos, they have pushed their boundaries in reinventing and recreating their roles. 

But do you know how cocktails even came into existence? Though it’s thought that cocktails are an American innovation, cocktails actually have been partly inspired by British punches—big bowls of spirits mixed with fruit juice, spices, and other flavors, that were enjoyed in punch houses in the 18th century. In March 1798 the term cocktail got printed for the very first time ever in history. Even the use of ginger in cocktails too sees a long and varied history. This stimulating drink has seen many innovations over the years, but it was ice that added that extra magic to the glass as imagine the best of cocktails in dull room temperature how would they taste.

It's World Cocktail Day. It was today May 13, 1806, when the first definition of a cocktail was published. And here we are, centuries later, still experimenting, creating our mixes, and getting in the spirit with the perfect tipples such as a Bombay Sapphire French 75 and Martini Garibaldi, preceded by a refreshing concoction such as Grey Goose Aperitivo Expresso. Of course, you can never go wrong and see for yourself why these cocktails have stood the test of time. Here's to making cocktail hours seem like a breeze!

Here are cocktails that has been created by Bombay Sapphire, Martini, and Grey Goose one to unwind with their kin, and friends to celebrate!

French 75 


Perfect for those summer evenings! Fluffy OJ and Martini Fiero meets in a delicious cocktail.

    1 ½ part MARTINI fiero

    4 Parts Fresh orange juice

    3 Basil leaves

    Pinch Salt

Shake everything without ice vigorously(Fluffy OJ is the goal!), fine strain into a highball glass with ice. Garnish with an orange wedge.

Alternatively, shake with ice and serve in a cocktail coupette