Celebrate National Sandwich Day With These 5-Min Sandwiches

What comes to your mind when you think of a light snack that you can munch at any time of the day? Sandwiches it is, we know. Whenever we are hungry and don’t feel like cooking at all, sandwiches become our go-to meal. And you know what? There is sandwich appreciation day also. National Sandwich Day is celebrated on 3rd November every year and this day gives us a chance to praise this beauty that has been ruling our hearts for ages.

We never make sandwiches but what happens is, it pops right in front of us on a plate every time when there aren’t too many options. And this is what we live it for, isn’t it? We see that sandwiches may have been losing their charm as compared to burgers and pizzas but old is always gold. Let us give you a chance to celebrate this National Sandwich Day with these sandwiches that could be less than 5 mins. Are you ready??

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This sandwich is soo easy and yet so delicious. All you have to do is put some cheese between two bread slices and grill it for like 2 to 3 minutes. Once you start having this, there is no looking back. Trust me on this!

Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich

This jam version of a sandwich can take away all your sorrows. This sandwich is something you can make in less than 2 minutes. All you have to do is grab two slices of bread and put jam on one and peanut butter on the other. The sweet filling of jam and peanut butter and the crunchy exterior make this one hell of a delight.

Coleslaw Sandwich

For those who don’t know coleslaw is shredded cabbage mixed with mayonnaise and served cold. Just put this mix in between the bread slices and have fun. Its preparation takes no time and is totally a delight. 

Malai and Chini Sandwich

This sandwich is my personal favourite and go-to meal whenever I am hungry. This tasty sandwich brings my childhood memories. This takes not more than 2 minutes. Just take two bread slices, add malai on one slice, and put cheeni over it. Have it and taste a bite of nostalgia. 

Leftover Sandwich

If you are wondering what a leftover sandwich is, this is a sandwich that is meant for all lazy but smart people out there. This sandwich just needs last night’s sabji stuffed between the bread slices. It is a complete meal in itself with no wastage at all. Amazing, isn’t it?

Celebrate National Sandwich Day with these quick sandwiches and thank us later!