Celebrate Baisakhi In Amritsar With These Sweet Treats

Baisakhi is here and not just Punjab but the people in nearby areas like Haryana and Delhi will also be celebrating. This festival marks the harvesting of Rabi crops and people celebrate and thank the almighty. Besides, it also marks the commencement of Sikh New Year and is believed to be the day when Guru Gobind Singh Ji founded the Khalsa Panth. While Baisakhi is prominently celebrated in Punjab, Vishu is celebrated in Kerala, Bohag Bihu is celebrated in Assam and Poila Baisakh is celebrated in Bengal. 

Just like every other region in Punjab, Amritsar also gives the celebratory Baisakhi vibes. And if you have been to Amritsar even once, you know that this is a heaven for foodies. From crispy butter loaded kulchas served with chole to the flavourful fish tikka, Amritsar has so much stored for us. No wonder, it is considered one of the greatest culinary destinations. And believe me, once you visit this place, you just can’t get enough of it. If you are one of those lucky people who are celebrating Baisakhi in Amritsar or are planning to visit this ‘Guru Ki Nagri’, we have brought a list of some sweet and delicious desserts you should not miss. Trust me, you are not going to regret it. 

Kada prasad  

No Amritsar trip is considered complete without a visit to The Golden Temple or Sri Harmandir Sahib. And those who have visited this holy place, know the taste of kada prashad, a delicious concoction of wheat flour, sugar and ghee. There is no better way to start the sweet trail in Amritsar than having this soothing kada prashad.  

Kesar Phirni 

Phirni is a creamy and rich rice concoction often served in an earthen pot and topped with a delicate coating of silver warq. This phirni gets upgraded with saffron added to it. Though kesar phirni can be found at many places in Amritsar, Ahuja Milk Bhandar and Kesar Da Dhaba tops the list. So, if you are going to celebrate this Baisakhi in Amritsar, don’t forget to get your hands on ultimately delicious kesar phirni at one of these two legendary spots. 

Pede Wali Lassi 

Amritsar is synonymous with lassi but the lassi we are talking about is not ordinary but special. We are talking about the famous ‘Pede wali lassi’. Yes, you read that right. You can find a glass full of creamy and sweet lassi topped with clotted cream and muddled with milk fudge or peda at the famous Giani Di Lassi in Amritsar. This deliciously thick lassi can soothe and calm your soul. Don’t believe us? Do give it a try! 

Gud Ka Halwa 

Among the so many halwas popular in India, gud ka halwa is the least recognized. Though it is made during winters in Amritsar, some halwai shops sell this scrumptious halwa at the time of Baisakhi too. Made up of semolina and jaggery, this halwa is cooked in ghee and garnished with nuts. The best place to have this scrumptious halwa is Laxmi Narayan Bhog Bhandar, situated near the famous Durgiana temple. 


How can you not have jalebis in Amritsar?  Fried in desi ghee and soaked in sugary syrup, crispy jalebis just hit the spot. When in Amritsar, jalebis made by Gurdas Ram Jalebi Wala can surely steal your heart. These are so delicious that you can’t even imagine. And, when served with a glass full of pede wali lassi, you are surely going to the foodie heaven. 

Do have these ultimately delicious sweet treats in Amritsar and let us know which one you liked the most!