Can't Eat Eggs? Try These Protein-Dense Alternatives
Image Credit: Greek Yoghurt, Pexels

Eggs are one of the protein-dense foods. From fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders to expecting moms, eggs are one of the most recommended protein sources. Do you know a hard-boiled egg contains six grams of protein? But what if you are not an egg person? There is nothing to worry about since there are other equally scrumptious ways to fill yourself with muscle-building nutrients.

On that note, here are some great alternatives to eggs. In effect, our list contains five foods which have more protein than an egg. Keep reading.

Greek Yoghurt

Go for fat-Greek yoghurt if you are looking for a good egg substitute. A regular cup of Greek yoghurt comprises 17 grams of protein for only 100 calories. Consider adding it to meet the daily value of your protein intake. One of the best ways to have it is in the form of overnight-soaked rolled oats. It's yummy and loaded with protein. 

Dried Spirulina 

Fish isn't the only seafood crammed with protein. Just two tablespoons of dried Spirulina contain eight grams of protein. Wondering how to have them? Simply sprinkle Spirulina over a salad, or enjoy it by topping the roasted vegetables.

Dried Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds on soup, Image Source: Pexels

Many of us might be aware of pumpkin seeds for their magnesium. However, that's not all. These tiny wonders are also a great source of protein. A quarter cup of dried pumpkin seeds contains 10 grams of protein. Dry roast them and include them as mid-morning or evening snacks. You can also add them to salads for a crunchy taste. 

Gruyere Cheese

It has been found that an ounce of gruyere contains more than eight grams of protein. This is a delectably wide variety of Swiss cheese. But be mindful about your portions. Why? Because a one ounce serving has a good 117 calories, if you do not keep a tab on your intake, it may shoot up your weight.

Roasted Soybeans

Roasted soybeans, Image Source:

You get 15 grams of protein in a quarter cup of roasted soybeans. Apart from that, this snacky item also has a generous amount of fibre and potassium. It's the just-right ingredient to include in a homemade trail mix. Replace your unhealthy snacking items with this one and experience a change in your overall health.