Candy Canes To Snowflakes: 5 DIY Swizzle Sticks To Enjoy
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The holiday season is nearly here, so it's time to start planning fun parties with friends and family. Make your drinks extra special this year by making customised swizzle sticks. You can easily make them yourself using candy canes, ornaments, cinnamon sticks, or other festive materials. These homemade swizzle sticks will add a playful flair to cocktails and other beverages. For an artsy touch, cut out paper snowflakes or other fun shapes and attach them to the swizzle sticks. Mini wreaths made from tiny decorations also make whimsical toppers.   

5 DIY Swizzle Sticks To Try  

Candy Cane Stirrer    

Candy cane stirrers add holiday cheer to drinks! Simply attach mini candy canes to swizzle sticks or stirrers. As you stir, the peppermint flavour infuses into the drink. The red and white stripes look festive in your glass.  

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Fun holiday treats! Attach mini candy canes to stirrers or swizzle sticks with a dot of glue or tape. Let them dry completely before adding them to drinks. The peppermint will flavour your drink as you stir!  

The candy cane swirls create a whimsical holiday vibe. They're an easy way to make your hot cocoa, eggnog, or other seasonal beverages more fun!  

Mini Ornament Swizzle Sticks    

These sticks make every sip more fun. Small, lightweight ornaments hang from the ends of swizzle sticks or rods. As you stir your drink, the ornaments twirl and dance. They look playful in your glasses. They add a festive touch without the holiday theme.  

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Add a whimsical touch to your drinks with these fun ornaments on a stick! Simply slide different-shaped and lightweight ornaments onto swizzle sticks or rods. Then pop them into drinks for a playful garnish that's sure to delight. It's an easy way to dress up drinks with charm and personality.  

The swirling, dancing ornaments create a visual spectacle. They transform ordinary drinks into something delightful. All without any holiday fuss.  

Cinnamon Stick Stirrers    

Cinnamon sticks make any drink extra cozy. Simply tie a few cinnamon sticks together to create a custom stirrer. As you mix your drink, the cinnamon will release its comforting, spicy smell. With each sip, you'll get a little burst of cinnamon flavour.   

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Cinnamon stick stirrers are a snap to make. Grab a few cinnamon sticks from the spice aisle and tie 3 or 4 together nice and tight with some twine. Pop your homemade cinnamon stirrer into a hot cup of coffee, tea, apple cider or hot chocolate, then give it a stir and enjoy the extra flavour.  

The cinnamon will infuse your drink with its signature spicy-sweet aroma and flavour. It adds a warm, soothing touch—no holiday required!  

Gingerbread Man Stirrers    

Brighten up your drinks with these fun stirrers. Simply attach a small cookie to the end of a stick or rod. As you mix your drink, the cookie will swirl around, adding a pop of flavour and visual interest.    

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Crafting cookie straws is a piece of cake. Simply whip up a batch of sugar cookie dough and cut out fun shapes like stars or hearts. Before popping them in the oven, get creative with royal icing by piping designs or writing messages. Once baked to a light golden brown, let the cookies cool completely. Then use a dab of edible glue to securely attach them to straws—this prevents slippage when dunking. With just a few easy steps, you'll have a fun way to sip your milk or coffee.  

Snowflake Stirrers    

Snowflake stirrers make drinks look festive. They are swizzle sticks or rods with paper, plastic, or edible snowflakes on the end. As you stir your drink, the snowflakes mix and swirl around. It's a simple way to decorate beverages for winter parties.     

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Making snowflake stirrers is a fun and easy winter craft. Simply cut snowflake shapes out of paper or fondant. If using paper, pick a decorative, wintry design. For fondant, roll it thin and use cookie cutters to cut shapes. Let the fondant dry completely before decorating with glitter or other embellishments. Glue your snowflakes onto sticks or rods. Now plop your snowflake stirrer into a steaming mug of hot cocoa or mulled cider and enjoy!