Can You Eat This ‘Jumbo Sandwich’ Weighing 1 KG?
Image Credit: Instagram @myfoodcrushh

From Bahubali Gol Gappa, to the 10-feet-long Kumbhakaran Dosa, the internet is filled with mammoth-sized food, the latest on the block is this ‘Jumbo sandwich’. Sandwiches can be of any size or shape, even multi-tiered sandwiches are not new, but rarely do you find a sandwich that almost weighs a kilogram, and is essentially six sandwiches rolled into one. 

Layers, after layers, after layers: The Making of the Jumbo Sandwich

All slices of the sandwich bread are cut diagonally. The vendor then grabs a piece and spreads some butter, pudina chutney, followed by a layer of thinly-sized tomatoes, chopped capsicum, salt and pepper, and then grates some cheese on top. Then he takes another bread and spreads some melted butter, chutney, and a layer of paneer sabzi goes in next, followed by more grated cheese. And it does not end here, he grabs another slice of bread slathers it with butter chutney, adds a layer of chopped onions, chilly paneer gravy, grated cheese and places it on top of the other sandwiches. By now, it is a stack of three loaded sandwiches, but there’s more. Another bread, with some more butter, chutney, is topped with paneer sabzi, followed by more cheese, a slice of bread is placed on top of this which is slathered over with mayonnaise. The entire sandwich is neatly put together so that nothing falls off, and is then kept in the oven/grill.  

While, thankfully there are no bizarre elements in the sandwich, like strawberry or whipped cream, however it still seems a little too much. Even if you are using cutlery, it is next to impossible to not spill anything.  

The video, shot by Instagrammer and food blogger @myfoodcrushh has clocked more than 240k views as of Monday. The comments section is buzzing with a range of reactions.

Insaan kha sake aisa kuch bhi banao (Try making something that a human can also eat”, wrote a user.

“Hulk ke liye sandwich  (a sandwich for Hulk maybe)”, read another funny comment.

There were actually plenty who raised their concern over the high calorie and cholesterol content of the sandwich.

“2000 calories”, wrote another user.

“Cholesterol be like or mai sath me free aaunga! (Cholesterol comes free with this”, read a comment.  

There were some who seemed genuinely pleased too.  

What do you think of this sandwich, moreover, do you think you can finish this in one sitting? You can find this paneer sandwich at Om Snacks Andheri. Try it soon and let us know.