Can Onions Really Prevent Heat Stroke? Find Out

Indians and their way of dealing with different problems is unique and special due to so many reasons. No matter how fast we evolve into the modern lifestyle, there are some things that remain as effective as any other new remedy of technique. Since we have been witnessing scorching heat and soaring temperatures these days, let us talk about one remedy to stay protected from heat strokes. You may have heard or seen your elder carrying onions in their pockets to stay safe from heat strokes. But does this remedy really work? 

We all know how beneficial onions are, especially when consumed in summer. When consumed raw, red onions which are commonly found in India, consist of quercetin compound which battles histamine which is the reason behind rashes, heat reactions, insect bites etc. As per some health experts, onions also contain so many minerals and vitamins and eating raw onion can benefit the body in so many ways. Raw onions can boost immunity and their juice not just cures sunburns but can also prevent heat strokes.  

However, when it comes carrying onions in pockets to prevent heat strokes, there is a lot more. Talking to the Indian Express, Dr Santosh Pandey who is an acupuncturist and naturopath at Rejua Energy Center in Mumbai said that raw onions are a great source of sodium and potassium. He added that consumption of raw onions can promote the production of electrolytes in the body and also reduce cholesterol levels.  Thus, it breaks down the down blood clots and prevents heat strokes.  

Here is yet another video which may clear some of your doubts:

Video credits: The Lallantop/Youtube

As per a report published in The New Indian Express, this is not the entire truth. While having a conversation with the media house, dietician at Frontier Lifeline Hospital Dr Sheila Swarnakumari said that there is nothing based in scientific fact which proves that onions can combat the heat in summer. It's usually vegetables and fruits like cucumber and watermelon that help in keeping the body hydrated. Some experts believe that it is a myth and just a tale told by grandmothers with no base in logic.