Bach Flower Therapy: How Can This Enhance Immunity During Pandemic?

Bach Flower is thought to help emotional balance state and is recommended by practitioners for pain and psychological problems. They contain no biochemical substance but are a pure energetic imprint of the source from which they have been extracted. According to Dr Bach, the 37 flowers chosen for the remedies and the spring water for one of the remedies are “higher vibration”. It means the frequency at which they vibrate are higher than that of other living beings, including human beings. Human emotions resonate with the vibrational frequency that they generate. The higher the vibrational frequency, the greater the expansion and the greater the life force in our cells. The lower the vibrational frequency, the greater the contraction and the lesser the life force in our cells.  

Bach Flower Remedy For Immunity


The higher frequency with which the essence of Bach Flower remedies vibrates also corresponds to positive emotions and a greater overall sense of well-being. When ingested, these remedies harmonize the vibrations of lower frequencies (corresponding to negative emotions) and turn them into positive. This results in the generation of nourishing and beneficial neuropeptides in our body, strengthening our immune system. For example, the remedy that changes the frequency of fear to the frequency of joy makes our body quickly switch from releasing adrenalin and cortisol to releasing endorphins, causing blood to flow to and nourish the immune system. 

This approach to enhancing our immunity by strengthening our cellular health through positive emotions have also been discussed and proven in his landmark research with epigenetics by Dr Bruce Lipton of the Biology of Belief fame. 

Bach Flower Therapy  

With the above research, it is assumed that ingesting Bach Flower remedies or even spraying on our aura may enhance immunity against infections such as Coronavirus, which is said to have a low vibration with a resonance frequency of about 5.5 Hz to 14.5 Hz. It is believed that it cannot survive or remain active in the higher frequency range above 25.5 Hz. The specific Bach Flower remedies that can help enhance immunity against the pandemic are: 

  1. Centaury – for creating a protective auric boundary 
  2. Walnut – for strengthening this auric boundary 
  3. Gentian – for inducing a mindset of optimism 
  4. Aspen – for reducing anxiety 
  5. Crab Apple – for protecting against contaminating energies 

These remedies can be mixed with 500 ml of drinking water, ten drops each and sipped throughout the day. They can also be combined with 100 ml of water in a diffuser, five drops each, and sprayed on the aura of individuals and spaces around. 

While the above composite of Bach Flower remedies can be ingested/sprayed daily, 3 to 4 times a day, in times like these, it is advisable to not follow any treatment without consulting a medical expert.  

(With inputs from Mr Indroneil Mukerjee, an accomplished Bach Flower therapist for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being)