Coffee To Carrot: Chef Balendra Singh Shares Cake Recipes For Christmas Eve
Image Credit: Cake Recipes For Christmas Eve

Who doesn’t feel the excitement for Christmas? The sheer joy of Santa coming brings that broad smile. This day is all about a happy spirit who shouts out with happiness and merriment. Given the buzz of this celebration, it’s known that Christmas would be incomplete without delicious fruit cakes, plum cakes, and many more. This beautiful and tasty cake is rich in fresh and dry fruits-n-nuts and can keep for a long time. Moreover, many like to have Christmas gatherings excessively to spend quality time with loved ones. Therefore, Director of Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts Chef Balendra Singh has prepared a list of 5 extraordinary and exciting ways of observing Xmas this year. Take a look.

Plum Cake

For food lovers, Christmas celebrations start weekdays appreciating luxurious food coming full circle the whole way to the New Year. A unique cake that denotes the Christmas merriments alongside the Christmas tree and singing of tunes is the modest plum cake, rich in nuts of the soaked and absorbed liquor. The dark colour and the alluring smell entices you to this cake even before you taste it. This cake is a feature of Christmas and is arranged days ahead of time. The traditional plum cake contains rum, giving it a boozy flavour and aroma.

Fruit Cake

Fruit cake is an old goody, with the oldest versions a kind of energy bar made by the Romans to support their troopers in the fight. Traditional Christmas fruit cake is a yummy treat made by absorbing dried fruits-n-nuts of the soak rum or brandy and mixing in with fragrant flavours in a straightforward without any preparation batter. This cake is ready with various dry fruits bytes like cranberry apricots, cherries, raisins, and so forth, giving the cakes a wonderful, beautiful texture and taste.

Mom's Rum Cake

Chef Balendra says about the third cake, "I got this cake's recipe from my mother. When she makes it, we as a whole family battle against it. It's scrumptious and simple to make." But, of course, Christmas being an occasion of harmony, we can't suggest cake-related family rumbles. In any case, the actual cake is five stars as far as possible, a basic, magnificently wet creation that beginnings with blends of yellow cake and vanilla pudding in addition to a substantial part of rum and walnuts.

Carrot Cake

This cake of Christmas gives a whoop to the vegetable kingdom, which is coming under the pastry category—finished off with cream cheddar and walnuts. The custom of adding carrots to cakes returns to medieval times. You can serve this cake at coffee times, or you can welcome your guest with this lovely cake. The fresh carrots in the market are the best for this cake in winter.

Coffee Cake

This cake is for espresso devotees, ready with delicious dry fruits, coffee powder, brown sugar, flour, unsalted butter, salt alongside whisked eggs and milk. This fragrant and rich cake can be covered with a smooth chocolate ganache. Regardless of how you serve it, this cake will leave your visitors slobbering.