Café Where Your Social Etiquette Decides The Cost of Your Coffee

Whether you are in India or anywhere else around the globe, social etiquette is expected of you. The least you can do when in public places is behave yourself and be polite while speaking to anyone. Now, imagine if this gesture or habit of yours earns you a cup of coffee at a lesser price than others. Surprised? Well, this can actually happen. A café named CUPS Coffee & Tea in Virginia has come up with this innovative idea.

According to the café’s business policy, you will get a cup of coffee at $5 if you ask for it saying, “Small Coffee.” The price will be reduced to $3 for those who will go as “Small Coffee Please.” And, the more polite customers who will order saying, “Hellow, one small coffee please” will get it at just $1.75.  

The basic idea behind this move is to make people understand that everyone deserves to be respected and showing a bit of politeness or kindness will do no harm to you. Rather, it will bring a smile to somebody’s face for a moment and that’s a great thing. 

This story and the picture were recently shared on Facebook and Reddit. Many people appreciated the move by the café while a few found it offensive. No matter what you feel about this, you would definitely agree that politeness pays you well. It not only makes the other person happy but fills your heart and mind with positivity too.