Buying Nolen Gur Online? Watch Out For These Tips

If you love Nolen gur and can’t wait to use it for homemade sweets, you’re in luck. It’s easier than ever to buy bottled liquid Nolen gur produced by local sellers or artisanal brands. Harvested during the months spanning November to February in West Bengal and across Bangladesh, it’s mainly sold as jhola gur, khejur gur (date palm jaggery), and patali (solid gur sold in blocks). 

The date palm jaggery which is widely used for Bengali sweets is famed for its smokiness and its luxurious mouthfeel. When it’s crystallised to a grainier, and more fluid consistency, it, is known as jhola gur. They can both be used as flavouring agents to make sandesh, pithe or payesh, or can be used in filling mixtures or in fusion desserts. The solid patali gur tends to have a longer shelf life and can last for months if stored well; the liquid versions of the gur are not as shelf-stable and should ideally be used within two weeks of being unsealed. If you’re buying your Nolen gur online, bookmark these basic pointers:

Check Authenticity

When it comes to traditional or indigenous products, opt for sellers who provide information about the origin of their harvest or the terroir, and can also show certifications of authenticity. Besides customer reviews, you can also look for pictures or videos shared by customers. Authentic Nolen gur has a distinct amber-tinged, dark brown colour and a rich, gooey consistency.

Choose Small Batch

Explore artisanal brands that produce Nolen gur in small batches. Smaller quantities can be easily used up within the expiration period. Moreover, brands who sell in small batches have more control over ingredients and modes of production. When a product like Nolen Gur is mass-produced or manufactured at a bigger scale, food manufacturers may use chemical additives to make it more shelf-stable which may change its natural taste. 

Nolen gur is a seasonal food and it’s only grown for 8-10 weeks in certain parts of Bengal. Most artisanal brands that sell bottled liquid nolen gur share details about the harvest and when it was bottled. You can also reach out to the brand to ask questions

Pay Attention To The Packaging Details

Quality Nolen Gur is usually packaged in a way that preserves its freshness and prevents contamination. Look for airtight packaging or vacuum-sealed options that can maximise thor shelf-life. Most sellers include storage instructions for Nolen Gur in their product descriptions. This information is quite key to maintaining the freshness of the product. For instance, when it comes to packaged Jhola Nolen Gur, it needs to be transferred to to a dry container immediately after it’s opened and refrigerated.

Prioritise Transparency

It’s best to opt for a seller that is committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing practices. Brands that prioritise fair trade practises tend to source products from local communities and contribute to a more sustainable and responsible supply chain. Look for sellers who are transparent about their sourcing practices. Information about the cultivation, harvesting, and processing methods can provide insights into the quality control measures as well