Burrata: How To Make This Cheese At Home
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Cheese in any form is heavenly for a foodie. A cheese slice, grated cheese, melted cheese in anything simply makes the dish all the more delicious. After all, how else are viral street foods that are packed with oodles of cheese, making foodies drool? Now, imagine a cheese that isn’t melted, grated or hidden in a dish, but comes as a whole fluffy block. Won’t that be simply alluring? That’s exactly what burrata cheese is. A soft shell wrapped around a creamy centre, burrata is beautifully balanced in taste with a buttery consistency unlike any other. When cut open, the creamy interior takes us slowly through the interior which is like rich cream. Mild, smooth, and fresh, Burrata has a unique profile and a delicate palate. 

Hailing from the cheese haven- Italy, Burrata is produced locally using fresh milk from buffaloes. Either pasteurised or raw milk is used which is filled and heated in large vats, allowing nothing but rennet to slowly curdle the milk. Once formed, the curds are dropped in hot whey and left to blend into a flexible paste. It is then woven and shaped by hand by artisans, who achieve the perfect texture through feel and experience alone. They carefully weave and pull the curd, reaching a spun consistency similar to stretched curd cheese. When the perfect texture is formed, it is formed into a soft pouch-like cushiony blob and packed with Mozzarella and cream before being knitted from the top. It is one cheese that doesn’t require ageing or maturing. 

Burrata is best enjoyed within a day of being made as any later can tamper with the taste and texture. It is served at room temperature by removing it from refrigeration at least half an hour before serving. While there are several ways to enjoy burrata, and one can spot it perched atop Italian dishes and salads, it sits best besides moist tomatoes, basil and toasted bread with a light drizzle of olive oil.  

So, can we burrata cheese at home? Yes, we can. Perhaps, not as perfect as those Italian artisans, but we can always try. It can give your salads and many other dishes a unique spin. All you need are just two ingredients - mozzarella cheese and heavy cream. Yes, that’s it! Here’s the burrata cheese recipe that makes cheese for 1 dish. 

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400 gm mozzarella cheese balls 

1 cup heavy cream 


1. Heat a pan. Cut a mozzarella ball into small pieces, and add the pieces to the pan along with cream.  

2. Heat till the cheese melts and you get a thick creamy paste. Remove from heat and keep aside. 

3. Now, place the other mozzarella ball in a microwave-safe bowl, fill it with water till the cheese is completely immersed. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and microwave for a couple of minutes till the cheese softens. 

4. Drain out the water and start to stretch the cheese with your hands to make a flattened dough. Similar to how we do roti. 

5. Place it over the bowl. Pour the cheese-cream mixture in the centre, close the ends of the bread to make a large cheese ball. Your burrata cheese is ready. 

You can serve this homemade burrata cheese with toasted bread, salads, pasta, and more.