Burgers For Breakfast: You Might Not Stop At One
Image Credit: Breakfast burgers

Burgers for breakfast? We’re hoping the answer will be a big yes. A burger is a type of sandwich that is made with a thick, juicy patty stuffed between two buns. The patty can be anything from potatoes and vegetables to minced meat. To go with it, several layers of vegetables can be added to give it a slight crunch, along with sauces as a base for flavour. Mayonnaise, cheese slices, etc. also work well for cheeseburgers and totally melt in the mouth. Take eggs, for instance. Whether you like them scrambled, poached, or boiled, all varieties can be sandwiched well inside a bun.

However, when you’re thinking of making burgers for breakfast, you might want to switch things up a bit and add your nutritious breakfast ingredients to the buns instead of a deep-fried, carb-rich patty. Opt for leaner meats such as ground turkey, chicken, or lean beef, etc. A breakfast burger can be made healthy by mindfully alternating a few ingredients, like choosing whole-grain buns to increase the fiber content of the burger and adding a variety of vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and avocado to increase the nutritional value.

Use cheese and sauces in moderation to regulate calories, and instead of frying the burger patties, grill or bake them to reduce the amount of unhealthy fats. Also, it is always a great idea to make your own burger patties, which allows you to control the ingredients and eliminate the additives and preservatives that are otherwise commonly found in store-bought patties.

Here are a few breakfast burger recipes that you shouldn’t miss out on.

1. Eggs Benedict Breakfast Burger

For the uninitiated, eggs benedict were invented by a hungover Wall Street broker who ordered a combination of toast with ham, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. It turned out to be a great dish and was introduced on the restaurant’s breakfast menu, with bacon substituting for ham and an English muffin as a replacement for buttered toast. So here you’ll have poached eggs, bacon, a grilled meat mince patty, and hollandaise sauce, giving you an ample amount of protein to kickstart your day. You can throw in some lettuce and tomatoes for a crunch in the burger bun.

2.   Chicken Sausage Breakfast Burger

This is a super-filling breakfast burger. The chicken sausage is used for making the patty, while chicken mince is added on top, along with a host of sauces, veggies, and eggs-your-way. Add some cheese, and you are good to go until the lunch hour.

3.  Avocado Bacon Breakfast Burger

Like avocados? Not just in your toast, but it can work well in your burger too. The bacon adds a crispy layer to your burger buns, and then there are the tomatoes. On top, lettuce and poached eggs are added. Spread some tomato jam on the bun and add some gouda cheese for a melt-in-your-mouth taste. This can power you through a long day of work.

4.  Blue Cheese Breakfast Burger

The unique aspect of this particular dish is its incorporation of blue cheese slices, which are well-known for their pungent and robust flavour and aroma that may take some time to develop a taste for. However, when combined with bacon, hash browns, eggs, Worcestershire sauce, and burger buns that have been lightly pan-fried to achieve a soft yet crispy texture, the result is a delectable and flavourful breakfast burger that is sure to satisfy. This hearty and filling dish is an excellent choice for a weekend brunch.

5.   Tofu Egg Breakfast Burger

Like most breakfast burgers, this one also has eggs in it. However, it is meatless. Tofu is tossed with chillies and shallots, along with lettuce leaves, coriander, and sauces like sweet chilli that add a punch of flavour to the burger. Topped with a fried egg, the nutritious breakfast burger is what dreams are made of.