Burger King UK Launches Vegan Chicken Nuggets; Becomes First Fast-Food Chain To Do So

The rise in health-related issues along with environmental concerns have led to people making healthier choices and switching to a plant-based diet increasingly, since the past few years. Vegan and plant-based alternatives have thus seen a subsequent rise in demand. And thus, many restaurants and cafes have introduced vegan, plant-based menus as well for the customers to choose from. And these menus aren’t limited to a few options but has an extensive range of vegan dishes on their menu - that are both delicious and healthy, and of course, environment-friendly. Joining the bandwagon of vegan-friendly restaurant, Burger King UK became the first fast-food restaurant chain in the United Kingdom to launch vegan nuggets on their menu. Yes, you read that right. They just launched 'chicken’ nuggets which are absolutely vegan-friendly.  

As per the official Burger King UK website, these vegan nuggets include soy, wheat, celery, gluten et al. And just like their chicken nuggets, these vegan nuggets are also covered with a crunchy coating. It comes with a sweet chilli dip to create the ultimate dunk combo. The company mentioned, these nuggets are specially designed to "taste and look like" a regular chicken nugget to suit the preferences of vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and meat reducers alike. These vegan nuggets have been certified by The Vegan Society, United Kingdom. Burger King UK also took to Instagram to share the news: