Quick And Easy Breakfast Tips For Workaholics
Image Credit: Breakfast Tips For Workaholics

Do you know why most working women lack iron and other essential nutrients in their body? It could be because they tend to skip breakfast for fear of gaining weight. Skipping breakfast leads to weakness in the body. If you are also suffering from pain in your hands and feet, stop skipping your breakfast every morning. It turns out you can have a home-cooked healthy meal that would not waste your time after work! Slurrp editorial team brings you 5 easy breakfast options that will lead you towards a healthy life. This handy guide will save money, time and will make sure that you stick to a healthy diet.


If you have ten minutes to spare, you can prepare healthy sandwiches for yourself. Cut one onion, cucumber and tomato into round pieces. Then spread cheese or butter over the bread and keep these cucumber-tomato and onion pieces in the middle. Now heat it on a griddle or toast it in a toaster. Your healthy sandwich is ready. You can either eat it or pack it for your office.


Poha fills your tummy and prevents weight gain. Fry one onion, garlic, green chilli, capsicum and groundnut by putting oil in a pan. Then put a bowl of soaked poha in it. Mix it up nice, and your poha is ready. You can eat this before leaving for the office.


Please get your favourite oats and keep them handy at your place. Oats are one of the best options out there for a high-protein breakfast. While leaving home in the morning, take five minutes for yourself and eat oats with milk.

Milk with cornflakes

If you are late in making breakfast every morning, then eat cornflakes mixed with milk. It is healthy and does not harm the body in any significant way. Through milk, you get protein for the whole day.

Banana with milk

Suppose you do not have time to prepare or eat any of the breakfasts mentioned above. Now, what to do? Drink a glass of milk with banana (or any other fruit available).