Bread Lamp: Netizens Heap Praise On Japanese Artist’s Unique Creation

Let’s just agree that the world has no dearth of creativity. And when we speak of creativity, it has no boundaries or a right method of expression. Haven’t we learned this from so many amazing art works across the globe? People use all kinds of mediums to express their creativity. Especially, when food and art combine. 

Remember the artist who took to Twitter to display her mind-blowing art on a coffee cup? She also made a hyper-real painting of a packet of Maggi noodles. And today, we have found another artist who brought together two of her passions to create art that will definitely blow your mind! 

A Japanese artist has decided to bring together her love for bread and home furnishings by creating a unique ‘lamp bread’ that has got the internet talking. Take a look:

 Isn’t it simply stunning? This image instantly went viral, and while it was shared by @9gag on Instagram, the credits were given to @pampshade. The post has so far garnered over 250k likes and more than 2,000 comments.  

Now, you must be thinking about what it really is. If you are wondering whether that bread is glowing, then let us tell you, it indeed is! And if you are thinking that the bread used to make this lamp is artificial, you can’t be more wrong. The art is made from real bread.

Yukiko Morita, a Japanese artist is the brain behind this unique invention. Working her magic through her brand ‘Pampshade’, Yukiko makes lamps from a variety of loaves of bread, ranging from croissants, bread rolls and even baguettes. Her aim is simple and sustainable- to restore any waste through her art. To create her unique bread lamps, she sources unsold loaves of bread from bakeries and grocery stores that are simply discarded at the end of the day. 

Now, the question is how does the bread lamps really work to emit such bright lights? So basically, each bread slice is hollowed out and fitted with LED lights. They also undergo a special antiseptic and antifungal treatment to prevent the bread from moulding. Isn’t that simply genius?  

We are in love with these special bread lights and so is social media. Several users took to the comments section of the post to share their amazement. "I would wake up in the middle of the night and eat it", wrote one user while another said, “I’m looking at it and thinking ‘Nom nom nom’.”  

What did you think of these bread lamps? Let us know.