Bored Of The Red And The White? Try Rosé

With the hue of pink and refreshing flavour, Rosé has become the new ‘it’ wine. Long gone are the days, when people enjoyed a glass of red or white wine, it is all about the Rosé now. But despite its popularity, we yet know so little about this fabulous wine. 

Rosé like all other wines is made from grapes. It is a process however that gives to get it a distinct colour. It was commonly assumed that Rosé was a mixture of red and white wine but that is incorrect. To make Rosé, the grapes are crushed and juices are released. The colour of this juice is clear but it is the grape skin that makes the Rosé coloured. Though it is famous as the “Pink Wine”, it is actually a faint blush to peach colour. But some types of the wine are quite sweet while some resemble a white wine but are more tart. The shades of Rosé can also differ according to the kind of grape used. For example, a Pinot Noir Rosé is pale blush while a Malbec is a stark peach.  

Rosé wine is a blended wine, which translates that the wine is made from a couple of varieties of grapes. Although Rosé wine has been gaining popularity only recently, food archaeologists believe that it could possibly be the oldest kind of wine. Something to note about Rosé is that it is a fresh wine meaning that it does not get better with age, unlike other wines. So it is better to store it in the fridge and consume it quickly. 

This kind of wine is also much cheaper. Because of the way it is made, even a good bottle of Rosé can cost you less than two thousand bucks. 

Pairing Rosé

The absolute best part about Rosé is that it can be paired with anything. Unlike the red and the white wines, Rosé works well with all kinds of meats and cuisines. And bonus, you can make some delicious cocktails with them as well.