Boondi Creations: 7 Delicious Snacks For Your Late-Night Hunger
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Boondi is a beloved addition to meals. Whether you eat it mixed with anything or eat it as is, Boondi always tastes delicious. In addition to that, the mild flavours of boondi also make it a perfect ingredient to make a different recipe. 

It is especially helpful when you are craving a delicious snack late at night and want to make something with fewer steps. If you have a half-finished packet of boondi lying around in your pantry that you need to use up before it expires, you can use them to whip up some delicious late-night snacks.

From chaat to custard, you can make almost everything with the boondi that you're craving for. You can also try making your own fusions if you’re bored and want to add fun to night activities.

7 Snacks To Make With Boondi For Late Night

1) Boondi Chaat

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Boondi is a staple ingredient of any chaat. Diced boiled potatoes, chopped onions and pieces of tomatoes create the principal elements of this chaat. A drizzle of tamarind and mint chutneys enhance the zesty flavours while a sprinkle of chaat masala and sev gives it a delightful crunch with crispy bites.

2) Boondi Raita

When it comes to making something with boondi, boondi raita remains a popular choice for many. Adding crispy boondi balls to smooth curd flavoured with savoury spices and seasonings creates a delicious contrast of flavours and textures.

3) Boondi Custard

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Both sweet and salty boondi can be added to fruit custard to give it a crunchy bite. This delicious snack is perfect to satiate the cravings for something sweet late at night. Chunks of boondi add a delightful crunch to the smooth texture of custard.

4) Boondi Salad

The way boondi transforms a boring vegetable salad into a tantalising treat for the tastebuds. If you have leftover veggies in your fried, you can quickly dice it up and toss it with some seasonings. Then add a boondi on top of it for the final touch.

5) Boondi Coated Cauliflower Florets

This recipe is curated by chef Kunal Kapoor who uses boondi to wrap around cauliflower florets, creating a delicious-looking appetiser. First, the florets are boiled in salt water and then sauteed in some ghee till it's crispy. Then the florets are dipped in a masala mayonnaise dip and covered with boondi.

6) Boondi Tacos

Boondi in tacos? Well, that's interesting! For the taco shells, you can use leftover rotis and quickly bake it in the shape of shells. Then use boondi salad as the filling. You can also fill it with mashed potato masala and wrap the boondi from outside. There are many ways to make this snack and you can try your variations as well.

7) Boondi Coated Fritters

Coating fritters with boondi has to be the best and the most creative way to create a snack with boondi whose results can never fail. Fritters made with mashed potatoes, chickpeas, or anything can be covered with boondi and air-fried to create a delicious late-night snack.

With boondi, you can create several delicious snacks in no time. Once you have these snacks, you’ll always want to eat them again and also share them with your entire family.