Body Detox Post Weekend: Tips To Get Back To Ketosis In 3 Ways
Image Credit: Body Detox Post Weekend

Several people who are on the Keto Journey sincerely never believed in the detox culture! However, after a cheat meal, they most certainly support the regime of getting back into ketosis. Detox is after toxicity, and the human body is already accustomed to tossing the waste out. Are you reading this article while pooping? Oh yeah, you are in the detoxification process already. Rahul Kamra, Founder of, shares tips on getting back on track post the weekend binge. 

Three ways you can get back to Keto:

  1. Drink an ample amount of water: The essential factor is to flush out all the alcohol or sugar you have binged on. As it is already the onset of summer, focusing on keeping yourself hydrated is very important. On Keto, 70 ml per kg bodyweight of water is recommended, which means, if you are 70 kgs, drink close to 4900 ml of water a day. However, take care that you do not gulp it down and instead keep sipping your water throughout the day, keeping in mind that you don’t hold in your pee as you need to let it all flush out. 
  2. Sleep well post the weekend madness: A good night’s sleep can majorly recover all your cognitive functions and vital functions in the human body. You have just got done with a hectic day; try sleeping well and catch up on it in the entire week. Sleep has REM and NREM cycles; deep and not-so-deep sleep helps your body and brain recover and reproduce new cells efficiently. In addition, on keto, sleep promotes better fat loss and helps in staying energetic. 
  3. Straight Fasting: Fasting is an excellent way for your body to heal or to reset. A quick evening meal on the weekend can help you get back on track the next evening with less bloating and depleted glycogen levels in a humanly calculative scenario. Including a cup of green tea or just lemon with water can help you stay up to the mark and maintain energy levels.

Takeaway Tip: Stay away from caffeine and get going on that beauty sleep.


Even if you are on any other diet regime or want to follow a healthy lifestyle, the above pointers can help you get back on track post your weekend binge. Of course, it is essential to plan, but it is equally important to execute it well.