Blueberry Tea: A Unique Drink Made Without Actual Blueberries

We believe that you must be thinking we've got you another tea to sip on, Well, unlike what the name suggests, blueberry tea is in fact not a tea but a nut-flavoured cocktail that is simply put together by combining both tea and liqueurs in a glass that is always served brimming hot. You might have been thinking why this drink is named ‘blubbery tea’ when it isn't made with any fresh blueberries in it. The drink is called so because it holds a fruity taste that is considered to be similar to blueberries. This aromatic fruity taste comes from the combination of various ingredients such as the flavored liqueurs and orange pekoe tea used while brewing this tea. A blueberry tea is traditionally served in a brandy snifter which typically helps in concentrating and holding the actual fumes that is released by the tea’s heat when poured towards the end. The fine origins, history and the initial roots of this special blueberry tea remains to be unclear till date. However, this cocktail is regarded to be exceptionally beneficial for our health. Blueberry tea acts as an energy booster and keeps you healthy and fit. The drink is so calming that it leaves one feeling soothed every time after just a single sip. The most comforting way to start your day would be with this cup of tea. So make one at home by following the steps listed below.  


  • 20ml triple sec ( any orange flavoured liqueur) 
  • 20ml amaretto 
  • Hot orange pekoe tea as per taste

Steps in the making:

  • Combine both the triple sec and amaretto together in a glass and then pour the hot tea into it as per taste and consistency. 
  • Stir and mix well. 
  • Ta da! Your Blueberry tea is ready to be served brimming hot.