Bizarre: This Sydney Restaurant Is Promising ‘Rude Staff And Terrible Service’
Image Credit: Image: @karensdinerofficial

Eating out is quite an experience in itself. It goes beyond the food that the restaurant serves to its ambience, staff, service, interiors, music and everything else in between, contributing to your overall experience. The vibe of the place and its hospitality are two of the most important factors that make our visit worthwhile. And restaurants, too, believe in making their guests as comfortable as possible. But what if there’s a restaurant that does not do that? An outlet in Australia - which is currently being widely discussed on the internet - offers great food, but the service it provides is probably not up to the mark. Karen’s Diner was opened in Sydney at the end of 2021, only to welcome its guests by their ‘rude’ staff members. Wondering why? Read on.  

The term ‘Karen’ refers to a slang used for an irritating, uptight woman who always calls for the manager of a restaurant even for minor problems. The introduction of the restaurant's website makes it all very clear how they really don’t care, and somehow, it all even makes some sense! 

"Karens is an interactive diner and an absurdly fun experience. At Karens you will be greeted and waited upon by rude waiters who in return are expecting you to give it full Karen. A place where you can complain until the cows come home because we literally don't care" the website said. 'Great Burgers and Rude Service' - the motto of the restaurant is already garnering a lot of attention, as it says on its Instagram handle. The front signboard of the restaurant reads: "Karen's Diner: Sit down and shut up." Sounds weird right? Well, this place is definitely for those who are looking to have some good-humored fun while enjoying sumptuous burgers.    

"Our staff are rude, our manners are non-existent, and we're the perfect place for Karen's everywhere to vent their anger and dismay at the world."  Karen's Diner admits blatantly. While people are still wrapping their heads around the unique concept, Karen's Diner attracts them with more messages: "Come on, ask for the manager... WE DARE YOU" and “We want your a table and be KAREN.”

Funny and witty signboards and messages have already been the talk of the town. And if you actually dare to visit the restaurant, the menu is set to amuse you further. One can pick a dish according to the type of 'Karen' they are. Basic Karen, Royale Karen, The 'I Want To See The Manager' Karen, and so on.   

And the best bet is, if someone is actually named Karen, they are offered a free drink, provided they have an ID on them. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Would you dare to visit this restaurant? Let us know.