Bizarre Food Trend Alert! ‘Kebab Golgappe’ Get A Thumbs Down From Netizens

The beginning of the pandemic saw many spend more time in their kitchen, experimenting with their culinary skills. And 2021 saw that legacy continuing. While some people discovered their hitherto inherent talent, for others it became a misadventure, peppered with bizarre try-outs. Cut to the latest, we have just begun 2022, but January itself is showing the signs of food trends that may take you by surprise.

No brownie points for guessing that we Indians love street food. And come to think of it, our roadside delights are also an integral part of our culinary heritage. Yes, pani puris are among the stars of street food in every nook and cranny of the nation. However, a recent avatar of the well-loved golgappa, which is making the rounds on the internet is probably not being cheered on by its aficionados. Not long ago, food blogger Vishali Khurrana was seen relishing what she called ‘Kebab Golgappe’ in a video on her Instagram handle. This left many amazed, even startled!

In the clip - which has so far garnered around 705k views, 29.5k likes and over 250 comments - she seemed to be enjoying a plate of creamy kebabs topped with onions. And there’s more. The golgappas were filled with a potato and vegetable blend, topped with a creamy sauce. Needless to say, not all the attention she received from netizens was pleasant. Many people have commented on the video saying that food bloggers are “ruining the authenticity of the food to gain popularity”. One user commented: “Gol gappe ko baksh do bhai 🙏  (sic)”, while another said: “Golgappe ko golgappe hi rehne dete 🤧 (sic)”.

Do you also relate to these reactions in the comments section? Well, we get you. Till you try this kebab golgappa, why don't you try all the delicious golgappa recipes that we have in store for you?