Bizarre Food Combinations We Don’t Want To See In 2023
Image Credit: Instagram/yummybites_kt

The year 2022 has been no less than a roller-coaster ride. From finally getting over the pandemic and resuming our work from offices, we have made a lot of changes and adapted a lot. And if you are a foodie, there’s a lot you must have seen. From discovering some hidden gems to tasting some disastrous dishes, the year 2022 is something we aren’t going to forget very soon. 

We came across sooo many food trends on the internet this year. Our Instagram feed remained flooded with some amazing cooking hacks, delectable recipes, and food trends worth drooling for. But we also came across some weird food combinations that blew our minds. We came across such food combinations that were totally different from each other, be it taste or texture. Such uncommon combinations have also made us wonder whether it was really a requirement to temper the originality. 

So, as we make our way into 2023, let’s look at some weird food combinations that we definitely don’t want to come back.  

Cold Coffee Maggi 

Yes, this does exist. Maggi has been an eternal part of our childhood and so is the cold coffee but this combination was not what we were looking for. There are so many bizarre maggi dishes out there but cold-coffee maggi left the netizens disgusted. The video of cold coffee maggi triggered funny reactions from the netizens.  

Ice Cream Paratha 

We have always loved our paratha with dollops of white makhan over it but would you have your paratha with ice cream over it? In the video that went viral, the woman kneaded the dough using chocolate chips and ghee and made a paratha. She used butter to layer the paratha and topped it with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. A netizen commented ‘RIP Paratha’ while another commented ‘innovation ke naam pe kuch bhi’. 

Gulab Jamun Burger

What was the need to mix these two amazing things together?? The making of the Gulab Jamun burger took the internet by storm. The video showed a person stuffing a gulab jamun between two buns and then topping it with chashni. I don’t think the gulab jamun lovers want this combination in 2023. Isn’t it? 

Dal Makhani Ice Cream Rolls

We must have come across a lot of weird combinations but this dish definitely tops the list. Dal makhani spells indulgence in every bite and is usually served with roti, naan, or rice. But have you ever pictured dal makhani in an ice cream form? This weird combo went viral and left the netizens aghast. 

Chocolate Biryani 

This came as a shock for Biryani lovers!! We have loved chocolate and biryani individually but not this atrocity. In the video that went viral, we saw the host pouring chocolate over a regular biryani. And on top of it, he liked it! Netizens labeled it as the insult of classic biryani and the most bizarre food combination they ever came across. This video went viral in 2021 but we just don't want it to come back.

Strawberry And Blueberry Samosa

Last but not the least, another weird food combination that went viral in the year 2022 was strawberry and blueberry samosa. This has absolutely offended many samosa lovers. A Delhi-based food outlet has been serving strawberry and blueberry samosa and netizens are disappointed. Will you dare to try it?

These were the top bizarre food combinations we don’t expect to see in 2023. What do you think? Do let us know!