Bizarre Chocolate Chai Leaves Netizens In Shock

Tea is not just another beverage but an emotion in India, at least that’s what the food meme I saw said. And if I go by the opinion of some tea lovers I know, it is true to a large extent. Right from kickstarting the mornings to refreshing the mind in the middle of a long day, tea is a constant part of everything for many Indians. No wonder an Indian kitchen is incomplete without chaipatti at home. And then we have so many varieties too! From classic masala chai to cutting chai and so on. Every roadside dhaba is seen having it all on the menu. In fact, we also find multiple chai tapris and cafes in cities across India. Perhaps that is why we find number of people experimenting with classic chai recipes. Some of the most popular ones are whiskey chai, blue tea, hibiscus green tea etc. There have been a combination of chai and milk chocolates too. And while some experiments have impressed the chai lovers, some have been outright outrageous.

One such experimental chai that left internet confused was chocolate chai. Food vlogger Amar Sirohi recently took to his YouTube channel 'Food Incarnate' to share his experience with chocolate chai while on a visit to Kolkata. Watch the video to know how he reacted.

The 4-minute video starts with the street side vendor starting to make the chai. First in a kulhad (earthen pot), the man adds tea made with full fat milk and top it with a mix of cream and malai, completely covering the tea. He then loaded it up with chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, gems and chocolate roll.

In the next clip, the YouTuber tried the tea and his reaction was a warning for every tea lover, "It is a bad joke done with chai...can't get the flavour of tea or chocolate."

The video has garnered over 3.5 lakh views, with people giving strong reactions on the weird combination. "Ur face expression after first sip says it Allll," wrote one. Another comment read, " RIP CHAI" A third person commented, "Ur expression was hilarious." Some also praised the YouTuber for his honest review. “True review” said one while another user wrote “Atleast there is someone who is giving a correct picture of the foods.”

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