Big Burgers, Magical Bars: DC Universe's Fictional Food Scene
Image Credit: Image via DC Database - Fandom

While the superheroes save the world, someone's got to make sure there's still a world worth saving. And that means keeping the coffee brewing, the doughnuts fresh, and the diners up and running in an otherwise monotonous fictional world of DC comics. Yes, we are talking about the places to dine and grab a cuppa in the DC universe where mortals and immortals alike find a semblance of normalcy from the chaos of saving (or blowing up) the world. 

Big Belly Burger:

Big Belly Burger is a popular fast-food chain that appears in the DC Universe, particularly in Superman and Green Arrow comics, as well as the TV show The Flash. The menu at Big Belly Burger consists of classic fast-food fare. The fast food chain boasts humongous burgers, fries and milkshakes. Though not mentioned explicitly mentioned, Superman has said to have been at the place during one of his work interviews. Superhero Booster Gold has also been noted to have worked at the burger place, he later goes on to own a restaurant called Planet Krypton. The likeness of this fast food joint can be found at the Burger Kings of today. 

Planet Krypton:

Planet Krypton is a superhero-themed restaurant that appears in the graphic novel Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. The restaurant immerses its patrons in a unique dining experience. The wait staff don costumes of lesser-known superheroes, creating an atmosphere of superheroic delight. The menu at Planet Krypton features dishes named after various characters and elements from the DC Universe. Characters from the Justice League, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash have been depicted enjoying meals at Planet Krypton, savouring both the delicious food and the nostalgic ambience of superhero fandom.

Iceberg Lounge:

The Iceberg Lounge is a high-end nightclub and restaurant owned by The Penguin, a notorious villain in the Batman series. While specific dishes are not frequently mentioned, it likely serves a menu of refined cuisine, including dishes such as succulent seafood, perfectly cooked steaks, elegant desserts, and an extensive selection of fine wines. The Iceberg Lounge attracts both Gotham City's criminal elite and wealthy patrons seeking a luxurious dining experience. Characters like Batman and other members of the Bat family often find themselves infiltrating or investigating the Iceberg Lounge, but it's worth noting that their visits are more focused on espionage rather than indulging in the culinary delights on offer.


Warriors is a bar owned by Guy Gardner, one of the Green Lanterns, and it caters to the superhero crowd. While it is primarily known for its drinks, it likely serves hearty and robust fare to complement the libations. The bar offers a laid-back, casual ambience where heroes can unwind and socialise. The menu at Warriors might include mouth-watering burgers with a variety of toppings, juicy grilled sandwiches loaded with flavourful ingredients, crispy chicken wings with an assortment of dipping sauces, and comforting appetizers like loaded nachos or cheese fries. Characters like Green Lanterns, members of the Justice League, and other heroes have been known to gather at Warriors. The décor features some of the superheroes in the DC Universe like the Man of Steel and Wonder Woman, but given its run by a Green Lantern, it was heavily biased towards the Green Lantern folks. 

Noonan's Bar:

Noonan's Sleazy Bar is a dive bar that appears in the Gotham Central comic series, run by a former hitman, Sean Noonan. It serves as a gritty, working-class establishment within the DC Universe. While not a place for fine dining, Noonan's Bar provides a familiar and comforting atmosphere for characters in Gotham City's police force. The menu at Noonan's Bar offers simple and affordable bar food options with perhaps a rotating selection of daily specials that cater to the taste buds of regular patrons. Characters from "Gotham Central," including police officers like Renee Montoya and Harvey Bullock, often frequent Noonan's Bar, finding solace and respite from the chaos of their crime-fighting lives.


Chocos are a beloved food item in the DC Universe and serve as Martian Manhunter's favourite cookies. They are often compared to Oreos, featuring two chocolate sandwich cookies with a creamy filling. These cookies have become an iconic treat associated with the Martian Manhunter, so much so that his teammates Booster Gold and Blue Beetle at the Justice League pranked him by stealing his supply of Chocos. Unlike humans who love it as a sweet treat, this acts like a heavy narcotic substance for the Martian who has withdrawal symptoms if deprived of them. This prank caused Manhunter to turn into a city-wrecking demon until he was reunited with the hoard of Chocos stowed away by the two pranksters. 

The Oblivion Bar:

The Oblivion Bar is a mystical haven that exists within the DC Universe with entrances across multiple cities, serving as a gathering place for magical beings. Situated in a hidden pocket dimension accessible through magic, this extraordinary establishment welcomes patrons from across the realms of magic. It is rumoured to be the base of the magical group of heroes called Shadowpact. The bar boasts an internet connection and happy hours with morality being set aside. While the menu is not quite clear, peanut shells are often seen strewn on the floor of this shady bar. 

These places, inspired by real-life establishments, create a diverse and vibrant food scene within the DC Universe, providing moments of respite and camaraderie for characters from all walks of life. Most of these places as time would have it, are now defunct, but they do have uncanny resemblances to popular dining places.