Bid Adieu To Summer With These 5 Mixed Fruit Drinks
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Summer is going with all its vibrance. So, are you one of those people who are going to miss coming home to a relaxing chilled drink? Or waiting for your mango shake in the evening? Well, what if the markets aren't filled with mangos on both sides, we still have some juicy fruits to compensate and enjoy the last leg of summer. Mixed fruit drinks can never cease to be addictive. They include all the nutrients, and you can make them with seasonal fruits that are available around you. Here are 5 mixed fruit drinks for the last few sunny days of this season.

Black jamun apple drink

Certainly, two very healthy fruits packed with vitamins and iron. They blend well and give an enhanced flavour together. You can also use unpeeled apples for the drink and add a few drops of lemon juice. Have this in the morning before stepping out and you'll be energised for a long, long time.

Watermelon-lychee drink

These two lovely and juicy fruits together can make any day feel like summer. You can add some lemon, even ginger for the edgy kick. Make sure you serve it chilled. The ingredients are healthy for hydration and digestion and the drink tastes amazing at any hour of the day.

Honey mango yogurt smoothie

If you can find those last few variants of mangos in your locality then go ahead and blend them this wonderful smoothie. Honey, mango and yogurt are a match made in heaven and you'll never get enough of this.

Apple pineapple juice

Not only do the names rhymes, but apples and pineapples together can spell magic in more ways than one. Both fruits are available almost throughout the year and you can try this quick and refreshingly healthy idea for your morning juice.

Orange-pomegranate juice

Orange juice is almost everyone's favourite. Pomegranate juice enjoys a huge popularity too. Ever tried mixing the two? Try the winning combination and you'll know what you've been missing out on. Making this for kids will become a daily ritual.

Now choose the fresh fruits from market, take out the fancy glasses and try a new healthy combination everyday.