Bhutanese Cuisine: 6 Recipes That You Should Try
Image Credit: Bhutanese Cuisine Recipes

Do you know that a lot of cheese is consumed in Bhutanese cuisine? You can find chillies and fermented yak cheese primarily in every Bhutanese dish. So when you visit one of the most peaceful countries, you will get to try a host of cheese and chilli in equal measures. Moreover, you will sample the best Nepali and Tibetan delicacies in the region besides the local Bhutanese. Here are some of the recipes that you got to try: 

Ema Datshi

Ema Datshi is an amalgamation of chillies and cheese. This meal is kind of a staple for every Bhutanese home. The red or green chillies are sliced lengthwise and cooked with butter and a lot of Bhutanese Cheese (datshi). Every person has their method for Ema Datshi; hence, the flavour will never be the same at all places. 

Shakam Ema Datshi

So far, we have read about cheesy and scrumptious Ema Datshi. Now we come to Shakam Ema Datshi, a non-vegetarian dish made with Bhutanese dried beef. The meat is preserved and dried to taste jerky; however, it is not dehydrated and thicker. The beef is cooked and cut into pieces with chilli and cheese.

Shakam Shukam Datshi

Shakam Shukam Datshi is a relatively rare dish made with white chillies (dried). These white chillies are known as Shukam, and this datshi is cooked with white chillies, dried beef, cheese which combine a spicy, sour flavour. 

Gondo Datshi

Gondo Datshi is the ultimate Bhutanese egg butter fry dish (scrambled egg). The eggs are scrambled with a sprinkle of chilli, a dollop of butter and cheese. You can have Gondo Datshi with red rice and chilli sauce.

Kewa Datshi

Kewa means potatoes in Bhutan. Kewa Datshi is an amalgamation of Bhutanese cheese and scalloped potatoes. Do you know that Kewa Datshi is the mild comfort food of Bhutan? 

Shamu Datshi

Shamu Datshi is the third staple dish of Bhutan. It is made with cheese, mushrooms and eaten with rice. In Bhutan, mushrooms are named Shamu.