Bhumi Pednekar Spills The Beans About Her Diet And Sustainable Lifestyle
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @bhumipednekar

Bhumi Pednekar is one actor who has created a niche for herself with a diverse range of roles and movies that she has done. She has broken stereotypes and is known to pick challenging roles. Her latest movie ‘Badhaai Do’, alongside Rajkumar Rao, has been garnering much appreciation from viewers as well as critics. Besides being an excellent actor, Bhumi is also an advocate of healthy living and clean eating. She is a vegetarian who is quite vocal about leading a sustainable lifestyle that is also reflected in her eating habits. Remember how she recently took to her Instagram Stories to share the many benefits of eating the ‘great Indian thali’? “Sustainable, reusable, helps with portion control and is hassle-free. The great Indian thali.” Bhumi wrote over a picture of her lunch thali. Read more about it here.  

Now in a latest revelation, while speaking with The Indian Express, the 32-year-old spoke about her own fitness and diet routine and also busted some common myths. Sharing some of her diet secrets, the actress said, “I’m vegetarian, so most of my diet is plant-based. I lead a sustainable lifestyle, so my diet automatically kind of contributes to it.”


Bhumi also revealed how she eats rice regularly despite the fact that it is known to be not good for weight loss. “I eat rice regularly as opposed to people thinking that rice is not good for weight loss. That’s not true at all. That’s not true at all. Rice has a lot of amino acids. It is very easy on your gut,” Bhumi said. She also added that she steers clear of refined sugar and dairy as much as possible. She revealed that she likes a lot of vegetables. “I can consume 200 grams of vegetables in various forms. I eat fresh fruits. It is high on carbs and sugar. But the body needs a certain amount of heavy sugar and carbs too,” she added. 

It seems like Bhumi’s diet is all about a bit of all the nutrients. What does a lazy day in Bhumi’s life look like? “Eating aloo ki sabzi (potato curry), or sitting with my family at home watching a film,” Bhumi revealed. Isn’t that a lot like our own lazy day at home with family?

Bhumi sure has busted some serious myths about rice to us. And if you agree with her, and looking for rice recipe ideas, we’ve got ideas! Here are five quick rice recipes you can try at home.