Bhallaldev Challenge: Eat This Pani Puri In 10 Seconds And Win ₹5,100
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

Most of us know that our street food trails are incomplete without savouring a plate of pani puri. The crunchy puris along with the delicious filling and the tantalising paani have kept us hooked to pani puri for ages now. Although there are a variety of delicious street food items up for grabs, nothing is as delightful as pani puri. The street delight is so well-loved across the country that it is known by different names - gupchup, puchka and golgappa. 

No matter how much we eat, golgappas are never enough for our incorrigible cravings. Sensing the same, many street vendors have started experimenting with this delight and are creating their unique version. One such unique experiment is making rounds on the internet recently and the golgappa lovers can’t keep calm anymore. Excited to know about the same? Well, golgappa lovers, assemble! You can win a sum of ₹5,100 just by eating this giant golgappa in 10 seconds. Take a look:

In this video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger @eatographers, we can see a street vendor preparing a gigantic golgappa with paani, a tower of aloo masala and delicious paani and some garnishes. He then challenges his customers to eat the entire golgappa in just 10 seconds and in return pays them a sum of ₹5,100. The video has garnered around 359k views, 21.9k likes and hundreds of comments from pani puri lovers around the world. The vendor has named the challenge ‘Bhallaldev Challenge’. The comments section is filled with funny and sarcastic comments from the netizens. Here’s a glimpse: