Beyond The Kitchen: 5 Surprising Uses For Cinnamon In Daily Life
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Every kitchen has its own story to tell, infused with a strong element of mysticism. It is often regarded as the heart of a home. In the intimate realm of the kitchen, stories are woven through the sizzle of ingredients meeting a hot pan, the aromatic dance of spices in the air, and the symphony of utensils working in harmony. Each dish prepared carries a narrative, whether it's a cherished family recipe handed down through generations or an innovative creation born from a chef's imagination. 

Among the most captivating sections in the kitchen is the spice rack. The place is the stage where diverse and extensive collections are tailored to individuals' tastes and preferences. Today, we’ll talk about the renowned spice cinnamon, known for its rich aroma and natural sweetness. Known as ‘dalchini’ in Hindi, the spice has ruled the kitchen over the years. We offer it to enliven the dishes, impart sweetness to desserts, and boost the nutritional value of various health beverages.   

However, apart from extending its charm in the culinary field, cinnamon has several other versatile potentials. We have unearthed some captivating insights into the use of cinnamon in everyday life. Take a look: 

  • Natural De-ordoriser   

Whenever we talk about cinnamon, the first thing that comes to mind is the spice’s distinctive and potent aroma. Moreover, this unique aroma can act as a natural home and kitchen fragrance, keeping your spaces fresh and pleasant. Whether it's in the form of cinnamon sticks placed strategically around a room, a simmering potpourri of cinnamon and citrus on the stovetop, or even a few drops of cinnamon essential oil added to a diffuser, this versatile spice can transform a room into a haven of sensory pleasure.   

  • Repel Moths And Pests   

The presence of eugenol, an aromatic compound found in most insect repellents, is also found in cinnamon. Employ it to ward off flies, moths, mosquitoes, and other insects. Its strong fragrance disrupts their sensory cues and pathways, making it an unappealing environment for these pests. Sprinkling powdered cinnamon in areas prone to insect activity or creating a solution with cinnamon essential oil and water to be sprayed around entry points can help create a protective barrier against unwanted critters. 

  • Stirring Sticks For Your Drinks   

One of the innovative ideas for your next party at home is to provide your guests with cinnamon sticks as stirring implements for cocktails or mocktails, shifting from the regular options. This not only introduces a distinctive twist to your presentation but also imparts a subtle hint of sweetness. 

  • Car Freshener   

Do you feel uneasy while travelling in a car? We have a natural solution for this. Keeping some cinnamon sticks may prove beneficial. The sticks can infuse freshness into your car, eliminating musty odours and thus alleviating nausea and dizziness. This property is due to the presence of antioxidants. 

  • Remove Furniture Scratches 

We often get scratches on our wooden furniture. Although these are disheartening, we often overlook them and tolerate their imperfections. But no more! We have a solution that will bring back the shine of the furniture in no time. Simply rub a pinch of cinnamon powder over the affected area, and behold. The scratch will vanish soon.