8 Creative Ways to Enjoy Your Scotch
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Scotch whisky, often simply called scotch, is a beloved spirit with a long history and tradition behind it. While many enjoy sipping scotch neat or on the rocks, it also makes for a delicious ingredient in cocktails that can allow its flavour to shine in new and exciting ways.  

The development of scotch-based cocktails is an evolving art, with bartenders and mixologists constantly coming up with new concoctions that provide unique takes on this classic spirit. Just like with a fine wine or craft beer, there are nuances to different styles and brands of scotch that lend themselves to certain mixtures and ingredients. Finding the right combinations enhances the experience and allows you to enjoy scotch in creative ways beyond just drinking it straight. 

Experimenting with scotch cocktails can let you experience the spirit from new perspectives. The selections of mixers, proportions, and garnishes all make a difference in bringing out desired flavours and aromas from the scotch itself. Don't be afraid to try out new combinations and recipes - you may just discover a new favourite! 

With Water  

There's a reason why water is one of the most popular mixers for scotch. Sure, water may seem boring, but it brings out the best in scotch by softening the alcohol burn, releasing fruity aromas, and allowing the complex flavours to shine. Just a splash of water awakens the malt and smoke while tempering the alcohol bite. This silky, diluted scotch caresses your palate, letting you fully savor the taste instead of just the boozy sting. Water is the perfect partner, the yin to scotch's yang. Don't hesitate to add a few drops or more to find that sweet spot where the spirit's nuanced flavours come alive. Scotch and water simply belong together. 

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With Coke 

Nothing caps off a long day quite like a Scotch and Coke - that sublime blend of smoky Scotch whisky and bubbly cola that deliciously toes the line between sweet and strong. Born in the Prohibition era when good whisky was hard to come by, the simple combination endures for good reason. While peaty Scotches can clash with Coke’s sweet fizz, easy-drinking blends like Dewar’s meld beautifully. The whisky provides its signature flavour, while the cola lifts it into a refreshing highball cocktail. To make one, simply pour ¼ cup Scotch over ice in a highball glass and top with of ½ to ¼ cup Coke. Add a lime wedge for a nice citrus kiss. Adjust the ratio to your taste. However you take it - on the rocks or neat - a Scotch and Coke offers an effortless way to enjoy Scotch in a fun, fizzy cocktail 

With Orange Juice 

The tangy, bittersweet notes of fresh-squeezed orange juice make a delightful pairing with smoky scotch whisky, lifting and brightening the rich, warm flavours with a splash of citrus zest. While some purists insist on drinking their scotch neat or with water, orange juice opens up the experience, allowing the malty, medicinal aromas to shine through. The touch of sweetness also balances the alcohol burn. For those who enjoy a bold citrus flavour, blood orange adds an even livelier accent that highlights the wood and smoke derived from barrel aging. With more body and intensity than other juices, orange is the ideal mixer for scotch cocktails like the Blood and Sand, bringing out the best in good Scotch whisky. 

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With Lemonade 

The refreshing combination of scotch and lemonade is a summer cocktail made in heaven, balancing the sweet and tart lemonade with the rich, oak and smoke flavours of the scotch. The lemon cuts the alcohol bite and complements the spirit beautifully. While scotch purists may prefer their drink on the rocks, this easy-sipping blend is hard to beat on a hot day. For the true fresh lemon taste, use freshly squeezed juice rather than powdered mix. Start with a 2:1 ratio of lemonade to scotch and adjust to your taste, adding ice and garnishing with a bright lemon wedge. 

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With Bitters 

Whether you're stirring up a Manhattan, muddling an Old Fashioned, or building a Rob Roy, just a few dashes of bitters can take your scotch cocktail from basic to brilliant. The potent herbal and spice notes of aromatic bitters like Angostura and orange provide an extra layer of flavour complexity, complementing scotch's smooth, smoky character instead of overpowering it. For best results, add 1-3 dashes of your chosen bitters, taste, and adjust from there - a delicate hand prevents bitterness from dominating. With this small but impactful addition, you'll give even simple scotch drinks a sophisticated, nuanced taste profile. 

With Mint 

Whether you're sipping a Mint Julep on the porch during a hot summer day or warming up with a splash of crème de menthe on a chilly night, mint is the perfect partner for scotch. Its cooling and refreshing herbal notes tingle the palate, accentuating the grassy qualities of the scotch and creating an invigorating flavour experience. From a simple sprig in your rocks glass to muddled leaves in a cocktail, mint balances scotch's smoky edge with a pleasant sweetness. So go ahead - add a touch of mint to your scotch and let your tastebuds enjoy the delightful dance of flavours.  

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With Ginger 

Scotch and ginger - a match made in cocktail heaven. The sharp bite of fresh ginger adds zing to scotch's smooth, smoky flavour. Muddle ginger root in a rocks glass before adding ice and scotch to create a drink with a spicy kick that excites the palate. The ginger heat allows the complex flavours of the scotch to shine. For a simple yet delicious cocktail, combine scotch, ginger syrup, and ginger beer over ice with a squeeze of lime. To take it up a notch, mix scotch with ginger, honey and lemon like a Penicillin. The peppery ginger juices enliven the spirit. When looking to make that fine single malt or blended scotch sing, ginger is the perfect partner. Its bright, lively flavours extract the very best from your favourite scotch, adding a tingling heat that brings out scotch's warm, spicy notes. Just a touch of ginger makes scotch sparkle. 

With Club Soda 

Scotch and soda - a match made in cocktail heaven. The simple addition of bubbly club soda transforms your dram into a light and lively libation. Tiny effervescent bubbles lift the spirit's rich flavours, making that first sip sing on your tongue. Crisp, tart, refreshing - this fizzy mixer brightens the bold smoky notes of scotch like sunshine breaking through clouds.   

Free of sugar, calories and sodium, club soda lets the scotch shine while perking up your palate. As you sip, carbonation tickles your nose, releasing more aromas for you to savour.  

To mix up this brisk cocktail, just fill a tall glass with ice, pour in two ounces scotch and top with four to six ounces chilled club soda. Add a lime wedge for a hint of citrus zing if you like. Or use club soda to put some pep in scotch-based drinks like the Blood and Sand or Penicillin. However you take it, the sparkling splash of soda water makes scotch a lighter, crisper pleasure.