Beyond Maple; 4 Delicious Pancake Syrups
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When you can just go to the store and get a bottle of maple syrup, you might be asking why on earth you'd need a list of syrup recipes. The answer to that is actually rather straightforward: Not all of the syrup you'll need is readily available at the shop. For instance, the ingredients list for drinks, exotic desserts, and other recipes may occasionally include simple syrup, rose syrup, or blood orange syrup. How frequently have you been able to locate those on the shelves of your grocery store? Additionally, homemade syrups have better flavour than store-bought syrups like maple, strawberry, and buttermilk.

Here are some syrups for pancakes that you can make at home and worry not about going to the store-

Strawberry syrup

Get ready to become addicted if you enjoy fruit but have never tried homemade strawberry syrup. But seriously, this syrup is amazing. It's both sweet and acidic. It gives even more flavour while having less sugar than standard pancake syrup, to start with. Nothing doesn't taste better with this syrup, whether you want to add it on the top of your pancakes, a simple white cake, or your regular cup of yoghurt.

Dutch honey syrup

If you're seeking for a syrupy sweet syrup without the traditional maple flavour, try Dutch honey syrup instead. It has a significantly lighter colour and flavour than maple or buttermilk syrups thanks to the addition of white sugar, table cream, butter, and vanilla. However, it's still delicious. It tastes fantastic on pancakes, waffles, scones, biscuits, and other similar dishes and has a lovely golden yellow hue and a delicate sweetness.


Dutch honey syrup is also known as vanilla butter syrup. However, despite tasting quite similar to the Dutch honey syrup described above, this syrup has a significantly different flavour and formulation. You'll need butter, brown sugar, half-and-half, honey, baking soda, and vanilla to make this one. The gorgeous golden yellow hue and subtle sweetness are also present. Surprisingly, this syrup tastes more like honey than Dutch honey syrup. They are both fantastic, though, and you can essentially utilise either one.

Brown Sugar Syrup

This thick, deep-brown syrup has the appearance of being midway between maple syrup and chocolate sauce. But it tastes exactly like butter and brown sugar. You can add maple extract or vanilla extract to the mixture to make it taste more like maple syrup or one of the lighter syrups. However, neither of those things is required because the flavour of this brown sugar butter syrup is deliciously indulgent on its own.