Beyond Just The Wings; 5 Buffalo Chicken Recipes
Image Credit: Unsplash

We've reimagined the classic pub snack, Buffalo chicken wings   , so you can enjoy it every day, not just on game day. These inventive recipes will have you thinking about Buffalo chicken in entirely new ways. Of course, we had to start with the classic wings we all know and love, but after that, we'll take you on a delightful journey of easy evening dinners, workday lunches, and crowd-pleasing snacks. So, whether you're searching for a unique spin on comfort dishes like sandwiches or mac and cheese, or just want to please your finicky eaters, these recipes will do the trick.

1. Buffalo Chicken Casserole

Weeknights are casserole nights, and this delectable chicken dish will delight the entire family. It's really simple to make, especially if you use pre-cooked rotisserie chicken. Try it for Father's Day dinner or a quick family meal any time of year.

2. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

You don't have to go to a fast food restaurant to get a crave-worthy fried chicken sandwich. This spicy, crispy Buffalo chicken sandwich with ranch dressing and blue cheese offers all the emotions without leaving the house. It's literally the ideal game-day snack.

3. Buffalo Chicken With Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Baked sweet potatoes packed with shredded Buffalo chicken and tangy blue cheese are spicy, starchy, sweet, and delicious. Try them for a fun and unexpected variation on your typical Thursday family dinner. They are an excellent choice for individuals following a keto or paleo diet because they need no preparation or cleanup.


4. Buffalo Chicken Macaroni And Cheese

With the addition of diced Buffalo chicken, everyone's favourite comfort meal mac & cheese gets a fantastic makeover. Pepper Jack adds a zingy layer to the cheddar cheese sauce, and the whole thing is finished with a crispy layer of cheesy, browned, buttery breadcrumbs for a flavorful, texture-packed casserole.

5. Buffalo Chicken Strips

Delight kids (and adults) with tender chicken strips that taste as if they came from a restaurant menu. They're a quick lunch or dinner with fries or rice, and they're less messy to make because they're baked rather than fried. You can even double the recipe to make them a party snack.