Beyond Chai: 5 Beverages To Enjoy This Winter Season

The winter is knocking on our doorsteps now with a slight nip in the air and colder evenings. It isn’t just the season of warm fuzzy clothes but also the season of indulgence. Post the festivities, all our body craves is for hot and sizzling food and beverages, to sit cozily and enjoy. I mean imagine sitting in your quilt and sipping on some hot tea or cappuccino during peak winters. Isn’t that a feeling you are already craving? Hot and soothing beverages are perhaps one of the best ways to keep your body warm and comfy. Top them with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and peppers, and you’ll have a magic potion to your rescue. While you can use spices and herbs like Tulsi to spruce up your morning cup of tea, did you know can go much beyond your regular chai and make so much more?  

We are talking soothing hot fruit punches, hot chocolates et al. Fan of a little liquer in your winter drinks? We’ve got a number of delicious hot cocktails with rum and Bailey’s to get you winter ready.

1. Hot Fruit Punch

Make your winters refreshing with the goodness of orange, lemon and white grape juice. Simply steep some tea bags in hot water and combine the tea with juices for a comforting cup of fruit punch.

2. Hot Chocolate

Winters and hot chocolate go hand in hand, isn’t it? Melted chocolate combined with cocoa powder and topped with shaved chocolate, or dollops of whipped cream, I think I’m already craving some!

3. Kashmiri Kahwa

Hailing from Kashmir, Kahwa is a rich and soothing combination of Kashmiri green tea leaves, nuts, dry fruits and saffron. It is a popular beverage in the valley but is known for its distinct aroma and flavour, across the world. It is a warm beverage that is known to have several health benefits including soothing cold and cough.

4. Baileys Original Irish Cream and Coffee

Rich, creamy, quick and easy, this coffee with Bailey’s original Irish cream and shavings of chocolate on top is just what you need to warm your body and soul over the weekend after a hectic week.

5. Filter Coffee

This south Indian staple is a winner across seasons, but there’s something about it that works wonders during the winter months. Filter coffee is made using a special filter coffee apparatus, which you can get easily in the market. It has two parts, wherein the upper part has a perforated base, it allows the decoction to filter through into the tumbler right beneath, which acts as a container. All you need to do is, put the coffee powder into the strainer, press the coffee below using the inverted-umbrella shaped attachment and top it with hot water.