Beyond Beer And Bebinca: A Ride To The Exciting World Of Goan Bread

If you have ever been to Goa, you must know the relationship Goan residents have with bread. From the delicious Pao to the brittly Undo, Goan cuisine is full of varieties of bread which are distinct in terms of flavours, textures and aroma. As evident, there is a huge Portuguese influence on Goan cuisine. Being one of the Portuguese colonies, the influence can be clearly seen in the culinary heritage of Goa. The art of making bread was passed on to the newly converted Christians by the Portuguese. Unlike any other bread, Goan bread varieties do not use artificial leavening agents. The use of palm Toddy, a local liqueur is used as a leavening agent in Goan bread. With time, the Goan bakery started emerging into the limelight. This emergence resulted in the use of new methods of preparation along with the use of commercial leavening agents like yeast. The increasing price of Toddy is another reason responsible for this change. We have curated four popular Goan bread varieties that you need to savour the next time you visit the state. Check them out. 

1. Pao 

Quite popular in all parts of the Indian subcontinent, Pao is a square-shaped bread. With a soft and fluffy texture, Pao is traditionally enjoyed with Ros Omelette as breakfast. 

2. Poi 

The Indian cousin of the Middle-Eastern Pita bread, Poi is flatter than other Goan bread, With a wheat bran crust, this bread has a slightly chewy texture. This bread is popularly eaten by stuffing it with Goan sausage. 

3. Kankon Pao 

With the shape like that of a donut, the word “Kankon Pao” literally means “bread that looks like bangles”. Usually served with a cup of Chai and a brush of butter or cream cheese, Kankon bread has a relatively harder texture than other bread varieties. 

4. Undo

If you have ever heard of the Goan Cutlet Pao then you must have known about the fluffy bread used in it. The bread is round and has a brittly crust that falls apart with the very first bite. 

So, the next time you visit Goa, do not forget to relish these bread varieties. Margao Market is the best place you can head to.