Where To Get The Best 'Khaman Dhokla' In Ahmedabad?
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Gujaratis love to eat incredibly light and delicious types of snacks. However, if we talk about the most popular snacks of Gujarat, then the list seems incomplete without 'dhokla'. Khaman dhokla is eaten with great enthusiasm in Gujarat and every nook and corner of the country. At the same time, there're many shops in Ahmedabad where you can get a chance to try the best 'khaman dhoklas'. So, if you also want to have a real taste of Gujarat, you must visit these below-listed shops. So today with this article we are telling you about some such stores in Ahmedabad, where you must eat the best of 'khaman dhoklas'.

Khaman vs Dhokla

Are you aware of the difference between dhokla and khaman? While khaman is created of split chickpeas, the dhokla is formed of a chana-rice dal batter. For those who love soft steamed food, khaman is their hot favourite. But, do you know what makes it lighter? It's baking soda, making it smoother than dhokla. The sponging khaman is sub-served with chillies, sweet syrup, chutney and sometimes coriander.

Lijjat Khaman House

Lijjat Khaman is located on Kankaria Road in Mani Nagar, Ahmedabad, and here you will get to taste some of the best recipes of khaman dhokla. For example, vati dal na khaman is a khaman dhokla made from soaked chana dal, and its taste is enhanced with the help of Eno, fruit salt, lemon juice, sour curd etc. At the same time, surti sev khaman is made from chana dal, well decorated with sev, pomegranate and is served with delicious, fresh chutney.

  • Location: Kankaria Rd, Maninagar, Prankunj Society, Ahmedabad
  • Cost for two: INR 200

Shri Jay Jalaram Khaman House

You'll get a chance to taste a variety of Gujarati snacks at Shri Jay Jalaram Khaman House near Saibaba Temple in Maninagar, Ahmedabad. Although many recipes found here are very delicious, people especially come from far to taste their khaman dhokla. So if you also want to eat the best Khaman Dhokla in Ahmedabad, you must visit this fast-food restaurant once.

  • Location: Punit Maharaj Rd, Shri Samruddhi Avenue, Daxini Society, Maninagar, Near Saibaba Mandir, Ahmedabad
  • Cost for two: INR 150

Das Khaman

Das Khaman shop in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, has been located since 1922 and is known for its quality. They have plain khaman, black pepper khaman, sev khaman, Jain sev khaman, dahi khaman, tam-tam khaman, green fry khaman and toast khaman. Apart from all the khamans, you can also taste khandvi, patra, farali, locho and numerous other dishes.

  • Location: Shop No. 2, Trade Centre, Navarangpura, Stadium Cross Rd, Ahmedabad
  • Cost for two: INR 300


Oshwal is a decent place to have dhokla and khaman at Ajanta Commercial Center on Ashram Road in Ahmedabad. Not only this, if you are here, then do not miss out on fafda and jalebi as both of these are equally delicious. Here you'll get to try the real taste of authentic Gujarati cuisine.

  • Location: 14, B Block, Ajanta Commercial Complex, Usmanpura, Ashram Rd, Ahmedabad
  • Cost for two: INR 450

Shreeji Khaman House

It is located opposite Madhavpura Market in Shahibagh and is known for its khaman and dhokla in Ahmedabad. When we talk about khaman, they have many options available, from sada khaman to masala khaman, dahi khaman, sandwich dhokla, khandvi and plain dhokla.

  • Location: 5,6, Zara Complex, Shahibag, New Madhavpura Market, Jain Colony, Ahmedabad
  • Cost for two: INR 250

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