5 Best Affordable Cafes In Pune
Image Credit: Cafes In Pune

Are you the one who likes to have piping hot tea or the one who loves to catch up over tasty bites and a cup of coffee? The city of Pune offers various delicious and spicy foods that can quickly pacify your inner cravings without burning a hole in your pocket. This city is a happy amalgamation of contemporary and classical elements with a remarkable history of 1600 years. So today we are telling you about some such places, where you must go once to taste the regional food there. Trust us; you will not regret visiting here.

The Burger Barn Cafe 

Shop No. 5 of Sun's Corner in Koregaon Park, Pune, is popularly known as The Burger Barn Cafe. Although you will find a lot to eat here, this cafe is especially famous for its chicken burger. On the other hand, for desserts, you can taste Belgian waffles or in-house buttermilk pancakes here. Apart from this, the taste of their chocolate mint flavoured milkshake is also excellent. 

Cost for two: Rs 400 

Bedekar Misal

Do you know that Bedekar is most famous for his Misal in Pune? Bedkar started as a small tea stall, but it became pretty popular since he served Brahmin style misal. Here this style refers to mildly sweet flavour with spices not too strong. In most places, pav is served with misal, but at Bedkars, you will get to eat bread with misal. 

Cost for two: Rs 150 

Appa Chi Canteen

Appa Chi Canteen in Salila Building opposite Dhobighat has been serving excellent food to the people since 1942. Along with the limited menu, they also serve daily specials. Although you will find many food items here, people especially come far and wide to eat cucumber-khichdi. 

Cost for two: Rs 300 

Cafe Yezdan

Yezdan Cafe in Sachpeer Street on Sharbatwala Chowk, Pune, serves up Iranian flavours. You can enjoy a double egg omelette with their special Irani chai. Since 1964, this has been one of the finest cafes in Pune, and every day many people come here for an Irani breakfast. 

Cost for two: Rs 150 

Vohuman Cafe 

You will get the best breakfast at this cafe located near Ruby Hall in Sangamvadi. While many places in Pune serve Iranian breakfast, you will not find Vohuman Cafe's taste anywhere else. Here it would be best if you gave a try to cheese omelette, bun maska and bhurji. 

Cost for two: Rs 200