Bengaluru Gets Kneady At Slurrp's Pizza Masterclass
Image Credit: Meghana Dayanand

Pizzas are universally enjoyed for their comforting flavours and different ways of making them by customising the dish to personal tastes. From kneading dough to selecting toppings, pizza making is an interactive and fun activity that offers a hands-on experience that appeals to all ages. 

They can be shared among friends and family, fostering a sense of togetherness and enjoyment. So, Slurrp teamed up with By Chance Resto Pub on Brigade Road in Bengaluru for a pizza-making workshop like no other that witnessed a dough-tastic spectacle last week on a Saturday evening. Over 10 eager pizza enthusiasts, including members of the Slurrp Community, gathered to knead, toss, and devour their own creations under the expert guidance of chef Sirish from By Chance.

The workshop was a melting pot of culinary curiosity, drawing participants of all ages, from a mother-daughter duo to friends seeking a slice of fun. For many, it was their first time into the world of pizza crafting, or even cooking for that matter, and spirits were as high as the tossed dough.

"Pizza-making masterclass seemed like something exciting to do on a weekend. So, here I am making my overloaded Famhouse pizza for the first time. I love eating pizza but I had never made it before. I hope to make my own pizza after this class," says Ranjith, a participant who was overjoyed with his thin-crust pizza creation.

Toppings took a whimsical turn, reflecting the diverse tastes of the attendees. While some piled on exotic fruits like pineapple and papaya, others opted for a gooey avalanche of cheese and fresh basil leaves. Tanuja and her cheese-loving daughter brought a heartwarming touch to the event as they giggled and garnished their pies with boundless enthusiasm. "My daughter enjoyed making pizza this evening. While it was not only about getting her out for an activity, we both enjoyed bonding over pizza-making and eating. It has been a wonderful evening for us," says Tanuja, a participant from the Slurrp community. 

Meanwhile, Ansh Goyal exhibited the finesse of a dough maestro, meticulously shaping his pizza with the precision of a sculptor. His creation, a formidable deep-dish masterpiece layered with veggies, sauce, and a generous mound of cheese, was a testament to his careful craftsmanship. He says, "If it is pizza, it has got to have a thick crust and lots of cheese. A thin-crust pizza is no fun."

Not to be outdone in the pizza perfectionism department, Farhan Baig and his cohorts turned their workshop session into a gastronomic party. Laughter echoed as they playfully competed to create the most outrageous topping combinations. "Making pizza seems like rocket science but I am looking forward to making my pizza, as the chef explaining here makes it seem like it is a simple process," said Druthi Shetty.

Later in the evening, a surprising event unfolded: a cold pizza eating competition took place! Participants, still buzzing from their culinary creations, enthusiastically joined in. Nikhil claimed victory, devouring cold pizza to win the cash prize. Mohit graciously celebrated his second-place achievement in the spirited contest of pizza prowess. Chaya, who owns By Chance, accompanied by Anand, the general manager of the venue, presented the winners with cash prizes amidst cheers and applause, ensuring that the spirit of pizza camaraderie lingered long into the evening.