Bengaluru Airport’s Holi Spread Goes Viral For the Right Reasons

The worst part about travelling during Holi? Missing out on all the amazing sweets, of course! But Bengaluru airport made sure passengers waiting at the lounge wouldn’t miss out on the best Holi desserts and set up a spread of sweet treats. 

An X user took to the platform to share a glimpse of the lounge at Terminal 2 which had an impressive selection of desserts, from laddoo and peda to Mysore pak and jalebi with rabdi, guests were treated to some scrumptious desi sweets. 

“Today is Holi and this is the range of deserts they are serving in Terminal 2 lounge in Bengaluru airport Do u know what we get in lounges in US? Two three sachets of snacks, make your own sandwich and coffee India is next level when it comes to airports and their grandeur and Bengaluru’s Terminal 2 is best of even the best,” the X user wrote.

Naturally, foodies chimed in with their approval and praised Bengaluru airport for treating their guests to a festive spread during Holi. “I was at the lounge yesterday, an awesome lavish spread of Holi sweets. Have never seen lounges have such an elaborate spread. It was worth the visit,” wrote one user. 

Another user wrote, “Airport services India takes the cake....t2 is just awesome. I was forced to spend 2 hours at t2...and the lounge access was such a blessing. The construct and the amazing range of food was awesome.”

Some X users even compared their food experiences at popular destinations like UK and Paris and praised Indian airport lounges for the food. “In the Paris airport lounge all we got was tinned olives, a packet of 3-4 dry cookies and a cup of coffee! After getting spoilt rotten in Indian airports we were aghast to see this in one of the supposedly “first world” country airport!” one X user wrote.

However Bengaluru airport wasn't the only platform that offered Holi treats to their passengers. Emirates offered some desi delicacies to customers travelling to the cities of Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Kolkata, on March 24 and 25. They served a Happy Holi box featuring their signature gujiya, made with suji or maida and filled with sweet khoya and dried fruits. First Class and Business Class passengers were welcomed with Thandai made with almonds, fennel seeds, and rose petals.