Are There Any Benefits Of Eating Food On A Banana Leaf?
Image Credit: Benefits Of Eating On Banana Leaf

In South India, food is provided on banana leaves, and this practice has been followed since ages. Even today, there are many such eateries where food is served on banana leaves, especially in South Indian restaurants. The best part is that these leaves are used to serve food as well as for cooking and decoration. 

Banana leaf antioxidant

Do you know that banana leaves contain natural antioxidants? Polyphenols present in the leaves dissolve in the food and helps in smooth digestion. These antioxidants are generally present in several plants but not in food. This is because they get charred during cooking, due to which we do not get natural antioxidants. Therefore, if you subserve food on banana leaves, the food receives these antioxidants and protect your body from various diseases. 

Healthy banana leaf

When you use these leaves to serve food, you take a step towards your health. Therefore, once a week (during any meal), serve your family on banana leaves. What's the best? The significant part is that you can serve all the food at once on these leaves. But have you wondered why banana leaves are used for serving food for ages? Because of its various health benefits. 

Hygienic banana leaf

They are clean and do not cause any harm to us. We do not need to clean them; wash them once with water before eating. Everyday utensils that are washed with soap are prone to germs. However, rest assured while eating food on banana leaves. 

Other similar benefits

  1. Environmental friendly: It neither harms living beings nor the environment. Therefore, these leaves can be easily used to serve food. 
  2. Free from chemicals: They do not contain any synthetics; hence they are safe to use. 
  3. Enhances the taste of food: There is a distinctive flavour on banana leaves called wax coating. Serve hot food on it, and the melted wax melts will enhance the food's taste. 

Therefore, each meal should be served on a banana leaf.