Benefits Of Drinking Water From Clay Pots
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Many of you probably have a summertime ritual of keeping water in a clay pot. In addition to serving as a replacement for steel and plastic containers, drinking matka water has a number of health advantages. Minerals and nutrients are abundant on earth. Our ancestors were adept at properly utilising its advantages. For this reason, they created clay-based pots and pans. Even today, many Indian homes cling to the clay pot and choose matka-cooled water over any chilled beverage. Our body requires more water than usual to stay hydrated and combat the heat of the sun during the sweltering summer months. When doing the aforementioned, one frequently gulps water directly from the refrigerator, which is worse for our body temperature right now than exposure to the sun. This is why it is advised to drink water from clay pots as they have natural cooling properties and a package of other benefits that aren't very expensive to avail.

Here are some benefits of drinking water from a clay pot-

Natural Cooling Properties

Water naturally cools down when it is stored in a clay pot. Water swiftly evaporates through the small pores on the clay pot's surface. The water inside the pot loses heat during the evaporation process, bringing the temperature down.

Improves metabolism

Drinking clay pot water every day can increase metabolism because it contains no chemicals of any type. The minerals in water can also help digestion.

Gentle On Throat

Itching and irritation in the throat might result from drinking cold water straight from the refrigerator. Clay pot water, on the other hand, has the perfect temperature that is soothing to the throat and does not exacerbate an existing cough or cold. For persons with asthma and those who experience breathlessness as the seasons change, drinking water from a clay pot can really help.

Prevents Dehydration

During the excruciating summer, sunstroke is a widespread issue. Drinking water from a clay pot can help prevent sunstroke because the clay pot preserves the water's valuable minerals and nutrients and promotes rapid and efficient rehydration.

Alkaline In Nature

Clay is alkaline in nature, but the human body is acidic. When consumed, the alkaline water from these pots reacts with the acidic makeup of our bodies to help maintain a normal pH balance. This is why clay pot water aids in preventing acid reflux and gastrointestinal issues.

No Harmful Chemicals

Due to the presence of harmful compounds like BPA, an endocrine disruptor, most plastic bottles are only intended for a limited number of uses. Water is enriched when it is stored in clay containers or matkas, and this practice also prevents contamination. As a result, there are no dangerous substances in surahi water that could harm your health.

Natural Purifier

Clay pots are good for both cooling the water and organically purifying it. This water is relatively safe to drink because the pollutants are blocked out by the porous micro-texture.