4 Benefits Of Drinking Natural Mountain Water
Image Credit: Natural Mountain Water Benefits

Mountain water sometimes referred to as “spring” water, is fresh, organic, and unprocessed. It’s known to be collected from springs and streams flowing straight out of mountains at the source. In essence, it is water in its purest form. Ms Anjana Ghosh, Director, Bisleri, shares the top four benefits of drinking natural mountain water.

  • Maintains body’s hydration level: One cannot stress enough that drinking water is vital for good health. Drinking water daily helps you remain hydrated at all times. It ensures that your kidneys and other regulatory organs are functioning correctly. Drinking water regulates body temperature, aids in nutrient absorption, and improves blood oxygen circulation and much more. 
  • Balanced pH levels: The ideal pH level in our body is 7, halfway between the acidic and the alkaline ends of the science spectrum. Unfortunately, certain beverages, like soda and energy drinks, can lower your pH level, making your body more acidic. Drinking mountain water counteracts this and helps us regulate our pH levels back to a neutral.

  • Free of contamination and microbial bacteria: Mountain water generally has an underground geological origin, and natural silica fortification bestows on it the blessing of being uncontaminated and free from any microbial activity, hence making it the safest drinking water.
  • Natural nutrients found in its core: Mountain water is rich in minerals vital when you realise that the human body is nearly two-thirds water. This natural resource is essential for the purification and removal of toxic agents. 

Drinking mineral-rich water holds tremendous health benefits; however, it isn’t enough to consume the recommended daily amount of water. It is equally vital to make sure that you consume water that is free of pathogens and contains the right level of minerals for the seamless functioning of your body. So, drink water, stay hydrated.