Aam Panna is a beverage made from raw mangoes. It is a summer favourite that is abundantly available throughout the season. It is a refreshing drink that is made with the pulp of boiled green mangoes. There are various recipes of Aam Panna that differ from region to region. It is usually consumed with cold water seasoned with mint leaves, red chilli powder and black pepper. In some households, aam Panna is consumed warm post-dinner to startle the taste buds and satiate the sugar cravings. This beverage is a flavourful blend of different spices and nutrients. Do you know that if you drink aam Panna before stepping out in the sun, it will prevent you from the loo and harmful effects of the sun?

Here's what makes Aam Panna beneficial -

Aids Digestion

Aam Panna is naturally a digestion-friendly beverage due to its high fibre content. Furthermore, the bio-active components it contains, such as aldehyde, easteras, and others, help to improve the digestive tract of the body. It contains vitamin B, which aids in intestinal cleansing and the treatment of gastrointestinal problems. When used in moderation, it can also assist in preventing diarrhoea.

Mineral Rich Beverage

Heat stroke is caused by the loss of a large number of electrolytes, particularly sodium. A glass of Aam Panna, which is high in minerals including sodium, magnesium, and potassium, can help restore the body's electrolyte equilibrium. A proper electrolyte balance is essential for providing the body with the energy it needs to perform daily tasks. Electrolytes also aid in the maintenance of a healthy pH and fluid balance in the body, as well as the reduction of weariness. A chilled glass of Aam Panna can help prevent heat stroke and electrolyte depletion.

Rich In Vitamin C and Iron

Aam Panna, which is high in vitamin C, aids in the healing of a variety of blood problems. Vitamin C in Aam Panna promotes the development of new blood cells and enhances the flexibility of blood vessels. Aam Panna, as a rich source of iron, aids in reaching the body's daily iron requirements. Not only that, but Aam Panna might be one of the best sources of iron consumption when it comes to combating disorders related to iron deficiency, such as anaemia.

Here are some ways to amp up the flavour of Aam Panna-

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves have an exotic flavour and taste. Mint in Aam Panna is like a cherry on the cake. These leaves are known for their refreshing and cooling properties. Adding a few mint leaves to the aam Panna gives it an enhanced minty flavour that refreshes and cools down the body in no time.

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Roasted Jeera Powder

Jeera powder has an earthy and a little bitter taste. It also aids digestion. Half a teaspoon of roasted jeera powder amps up the flavour of Aam Panna by giving it an earthy and aromatic touch. The bitter taste of jeera powder is balanced by the sweet mango flavour that hits the right spots on the taste buds.

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Tamarind or Imli is known for its tangy and tart flavour that startles the taste buds. Add 1/2 tsp of tamarind syrup to the Aam Panna and wait for the magic to happen. It provides a tart taste to the Panna giving it a sweet and tangy flavour. Imli Aam Panna is a package of different sweet and tangy flavours that startle your taste buds with every sip you take.

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