Beetroot Tea: Here’s Why You Should Hop On The Trend This Winter Season
Image Credit: Image: Facebook- Shaman's Lebanon

Let’s just agree, tea is one of the most popular beverages across the world and its constant evolution and innovations are proof of that. I personally feel I learn about a new type of tea preparation every few months. Being an Indian, I’m used to the idea of masala chai and trust me there’s no better drink than it when it comes to sore throat, but then I was introduced to the magic of lemon tea, green tea, jasmine tea and so on, all of which come packed with unique flavour, aroma and benefits. And as the winter approaches, the murmur around the trend of beetroot tea has started again. I once read about it a few years ago, thanks to Shahid Kapoor's wife and influencer Mira Rajput’s “healthy bandwagon” during her second pregnancy wherein she posted about it on her Instagram Stories. But I never really bothered to know more about it back then.  

Now over the years, I have developed this strong penchant for beetroot, I mean have you tried chatpata beetroot juice, chilled beetroot raita? Or simply cut some beetroot, sprinkle lemon and chaat masala and try it, anyone with a knack for chatpat can get hooked. While tea isn’t really thing but now that beetroot is involved, I got researching. Turns out, beetroot tea is packed with health benefits. This caffeine-free brew is said to be great for pregnant women, and is believed to be significantly great for everyone’s consumption.

The pink-coloured tea is a concoction that would not just bring vibrant colour to your Instagram feed but can also help your skin regain a natural glow, as it is a great blood purifier. Beetroot being rich in antioxidants, can also help detoxify the body and can also improve digestion. The absence of caffeine is making this drink even more popular amongst health enthusiasts.

And if you too are wondering to make this at home, we’ve got a perfect recipe for you to try.


Beetroot slices or beetroot powder (1 tsp)

Lemon- 1/2

Water- 1 cup


Honey (optional)


1. Boil water. If using beetroot slices then add it in the water and let it seep. Or add powder to it and let it simmer for a while.

2. After 10 minutes add ginger to it. Pour in a  cup, add lemon.

3. Stir well. If you want to make it sweet, add honey. Serve hot.

Many people add milk to this too, if you wish to do the same add milk before adding ginger to it and let it simmer just like when making regular tea.