Check Out These 5 Beers With Maximum Alcohol Content
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What can be more enjoyable than opening a pint and just gulping down a chilled beer? Do you know beer has health benefits too? When drunk in moderation, it lowers the chance of heart ailments. There are distinct kinds of beers available in the market. Some have a low alcohol content, and while others are very high. However, a standard says that alcohol by volume (ABV) should be 5%. But, some beer brands also provide an alcohol content of more than 7%. So, today, we will tell you about five beers containing the highest alcohol content.

Foster's Lager Beer

Foster's beer is best known for its highest alcohol content, approximately 6.9 per cent making it very harmful. However, it is a leisurely drinking lager balanced with a bitter aftertaste and mild vanilla taste for excellent refreshment. Available in cans and bars, this beer can be enjoyed anywhere.

King's Beer

Pilsner beer from Goa Kings is one of India's most popular beer brands. You can watch this beer being served with Goa cuisine on the beach. So you can easily find this beer at any famous place due to the highest amount of alcohol being added to this. King's beer has an alcohol content of 4.85%.

Miller Beer

Miller beer is also one of the most alcoholic beers containing up to 7.8% alcohol. However, it is an American-style beer known for its consistently smooth and crisp taste. Frederick Miller founded Miller Beer in 1855 after being emigrated in 1854 from Germany.

Bro Code Beer

Bro code beer is also included in this list with an alcohol content of about 15%, making it the most alcoholic of any drink. 15% alcohol content is too much for any drink. It is advised that young people should not consume such high alcohol content.

Godfather Beer

Godfather, the beer brand of Devans Modern Breweries Limited, is also included in this list. Too much alcohol is used in this beer containing 8% alcohol (which has the highest alcohol content).

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