Beat The Heat By Having 5 Types Of Cucumber Salad
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Summers have almost hit us early this year. As much as you can go out and enjoy the blooming gardens, the scorching heat sucks up all the energy from our blood levels. It is the season when we all crave something cooler and watery. It is advisable to consume such fruits and vegetables in summers that have higher water levels. Cucumber is one such vegetable that is very good for your system during this heatwave season. It has 95% water content and hence prevents dehydration. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins and helps keep the body cooler. But, do you also get bored by eating cucumber the usual way? Well, we have 5 types of cold cucumber salads that you can try this summer and beat the heat


Cucumber and sprout salad

Sprouts are a great option for breakfast or evening snacks. Add some chopped cucumber and onions to the sprouts. Add the spices of your choice and top it up with some lemon juice. Mix it well and enjoy this super delicious and healthy recipe. 

Bok choy and cucumber salad

Want to add some Chinese punch to the salad? Try adding chopped bok choy to the usual cucumber salad. Put some salt, white pepper, black pepper and little vinegar to it. Mix it well and enjoy the burst of different flavours with each bite.