Basic Wine Etiquettes Every Wine Lover Should Know About

No matter where you are, a bottle of red wine, white wine, sparkling wine or rose wine brings a touch of sophistication and elegance to the occasion, isn't it? Every single wine offers vibrant flavours and unique flavour to every palate. While some of us may enjoy sipping on our favourite wine in our own home, there are some gatherings or events or dinners that are incomplete without a glass of this velvety drink. Since wine is known for its ‘sophisticated’ affair, it becomes essential follow some basic wine drinking etiquettes. 

If wine is your first love, there are some basic etiquettes that must not ignore. And why not! Nobody wants to be the person who doesn’t know how to hold a wine glass properly in a formal gathering. So, here are some Dos and Don’ts that you must know about! 

Holding The Glass Properly 

You never hold a wine glass with its bowl but always with its stem. It is the most basic wine etiquette. And actually, there is a logical reason behind it. Holding wine glass from step protects the wine’s temperature from getting affected by our body’s temperature. It keeps the glass clean and provides a sense of refinement. 

Swirl Swirl Swirl 

Even those who don’t know much about wine, know that swirling is essential. And you know what? Swirling is not just for showing off, but it actually helps in enhancing the taste and aroma of the drink. But you must know that swirling too much is not at all a good idea. Swirling in moderation will enhance the flavours and if swirled a lot, you can actually end spilling the drink. 

Keeping A Check At The Temperature 

You may not know but different wines are served at different temperatures. While white wine is served cold, red wine is served when it is slightly chilled. To keep a check on wine’s temperature, you can always buy a wine thermometer. What say? 

Don’t Fill The Glass To The Top 

Wine portrays elegance and sophistication and filling it all the way to the top is a big NO. A normal wine pour is from one third to half of the glass’s capacity. Not filling the glass too much will provide a room for it to swirl and enhance the flavours as well as aroma. 

Say No To Rushing 

Well, wine is for savouring not for rushing like a normal soft drink. So, don’t rush, take your time and enjoy your drink to the fullest. This practice will help you observe its varied flavours. 

Did you know about these etiquettes? Do let us know!