Also spelt as burfi, is a traditional Indian dessert that resembles fudge. It belongs to the larger category of Indian sweets known as mithai. Burfi comes from the word 'burf or barf' which means snow/ice in Persian and Urdu. And if you look at the dessert in its simple, original form, you would see how the name makes perfect sense.

This mithai is made with condensed milk solids (khoa or khoya), granulated sugar, and ghee. Nuts such as pistachios, cashews, and peanuts are added to the base. Some regional varieties, however, contain fruits, saffron, rose water, gram flour, or almonds.

The additional ingredients influence each type's final appearance, consistency, and colour. When the dessert has cooled, it is cut into diamonds, circles, or squares. Barfi is loved throughout the country, but in northern India, it rules as the dessert staple for any special occasion. A few variants like Kaju Barfi are considered high-end sweets. No, wonder they go off the shelves as perfect Diwali gifts, the annual festival of lights. To add to its luxury, a layer of edible silver leaf known as vark is often coated on the top.

What Makes Barfi So Special?

This favourite sweet, also known as Indian cheesecake, has a faint cheese scent and shares a close appearance. However, while it may resemble cheese or have a faint odour similar to cheesecake, it does not taste like it. Besan barfi is another popular type of this sweet. As the name suggests, it is prepared with besan or chickpea flour. The pistachio nut is added to the Pista barfi. Edges are frequently rolled in groundnut, and whole pieces of nut can be added. Similarly, cashews are used in the preparation of kaju barfi.

Many different flavourings are added to this dessert, depending on where it is prepared. Cardamom is the most commonly used spice for adding aroma. The barfi is coated with silver leaf to match the richness of the big-fat Indian weddings and similar extravagant social celebrations. Before serving, it is frequently rolled in crushed nuts for added flavour and colourful contrast. Fresh fruit is commonly served with confection. Barfi's shapes are equally fascinating. The most prevalent ones are squares, diamonds, or circles. These shaped pieces are arranged in patterns with fresh fruits, nuts, and even sugar-coated flowers on plates.

The dessert is easily adapted for casual to formal occasions, which explains its widespread and enduring popularity. There are numerous varieties found throughout India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This is because the basic recipe is highly adaptable. Its appearance varies significantly from region to region due to the ingredients used. Among various Indian festivals, Barfi secures a special place as a Diwali dish. 

Popular Types Of Barfi

 1. Besan Barfi

This delicious barfi melts in the mouth and satiates the craving for sweet something. The speciality of Besan ki Barfi is that it is made by deep frying the besan, which not only improves the taste of the Barfi but also adds an exotic aroma to it. As the colour of besan changes, so does the hue of barfi. The flavour of the Besan ki Barfi is simply delectable. Not to miss the lavish use of dry fruits. 

2. Coconut Barfi

Coconut candy is particularly popular among children. They simply adore coconut candy. Coconut Barfi is unique in that it tastes similar to coconut candy. This supple variant is made with grated coconut and a lot of khoya, improving the taste and flavor of the barfi. It is a must-try mithai.

3. Kaju Barfi

Because of its delicious taste, we all enjoy cashew barfi. It has a rich texture and is characterized by its diamond shape. Also called Kaju Katli, a story goes along that it brings good luck and prosperity to one's home. As the name indicates, this barfi is made with kaju or cashew paste and condensed milk. The cashew ki barfi has a delicious flavour, thanks to the use of ghee in abundance. 

4. Chocolate Barfi

Chocolates have universal fans. They defy any age restrictions. From a baby to an elderly person, everyone loves chocolates. The chocolate barfi is the perfect romance between chocolate and barfi. The rest is self-explanatory.

5. Badam Barfi

We are all aware that almonds are highly nutritious and beneficial for our memory power. But if you are bored of munching almonds, switch to badam or almond barfi. This choice is both sweet and healthy. Badam barfi is distinguished by the use of almond paste in addition to copious amounts of khoya. 

It's time to binge on barfi. Let us know which one you liked the most.