Bangkok Hotel Sets World Record With ‘Largest Negroni Cocktail’
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Mixology today isn’t just about making a staple cocktail. It is an art form that can change the vibe of any restaurant or bar. Today, if you visit any restaurant or pub, you will find mixologists constantly experimenting with their drinks, and serving them in style. The trend of cocktails has seen a sharp change as we have various flavours, syrups, and even edible flowers combined with liquor to create a unique concoction, and it is no less than a craft. Don’t you agree? Now, in a unique display of their art, a restaurant in Thailand has taken their love for mixing cocktails to a whole new level. Wondering how?  

Reuters has reported that mixologists at the Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok Hotel stirred up the largest Negroni cocktail, made with more than 630 litres of the bitter Italian drink. This largest Negroni cocktail in the world includes gin, Vermouth and Campari. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

The hotel took to its Facebook page to announce that on September 12, the place made it to a Guinness World Records for creating the "largest Negroni cocktail" in the world. According to the post, the cocktail was made in a “specially-built 1.4 x 1.7-metre container surrounded entirely by ice”. An excerpt from the Facebook post read, "Clocking in at a remarkable 633.65 litres, 126 litres more than the previous record-holder, our talented bar team combined 210 litres of one part each of gin, Campari and Rosso Vermouth". Take a look at the complete post:

The world record-breaking attempt took place during a lavish ceremony and was supervised by Guinness adjudicator Kazuyoshi Kirimura. Speaking to Reuters about the achievement, Patrick Both, the general manager of Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok, said, "It's long-term in the planning". He added that the restaurant has earlier prepared various large cocktails, but doing it for Guinness World Records is different. "It has different rules and regulations to follow. And we are really very proud that we have been able to do it," he added. 

Would you, if given a chance, try this ‘record-breaking' cocktail? Share your thoughts about it with us.